Gnarly Motorcycle Racing Crash, Handled Well. #shorts #motorcycle #motorcycleracing #crash


  1. Бля ну это было красиво

  2. Не удивительно что костюм стоит больше 100к. Без него было бы мясо

  3. Now that's perfect timing for a quick 2 step before hitting the floor😅😅😅

  4. O próprio corpo dele troce a mão dele 😢

  5. Минус правая рука

  6. Такой перелом не скоро у него зажил, опасный спорт.

  7. Правую руку сломал

  8. The video: 💀💀
    The music: 🕺💃🕺💃

  9. Какие прочные и очень дорогие у них костюмы.

  10. Хорошо, что на мысок ноги приземлился

  11. oh god wow i love the landing

  12. If You see, he broke his right hand, oh what a pain 😵

  13. Рыбалка на Дальнем востоке! says:

    Каждое утро так делай и спина болеть не будет

  14. Neden tüm yorumlar arapça bir bol anlamıyorum

  15. he finished only first and second in every race that year, winning the most races in the same year (13) and finishing every other in less than half a second after the first one, record of points in the same year, record of wins, record breaking time in almost every circuit of the calendar. sadly the first race of the next year he suffered an injury that has got him out of winning since then, but still, probably the best bike rider in history, MARC MARQUEZ

  16. Definitely look like a broken arm or wrist. His right arm twisted around and flopping hand.

  17. Adamın sol bileği kırıldı iyi izleyin

  18. не умеет ездить, ему только на трамвае ездить

  19. От этого видео стало больно😢

  20. Aye bro put his foot down like he was about to morph into flash right quick and run at 80 mph. Then decided he’d rest and took a nap until he stopped moving.

  21. He jumbed off the bike 🏍 and ran on air 😳

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