Horses in RPGs can do ANYTHING! #skyrim #gaming #shorts #epicnpcman



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  1. "is it working exactly like I said?"
    got real wizard material right there. almost see him stroking his long beard in a superior way.

  2. skyrim horses don't understand physics.

  3. Horses obviously intrbred with mountain goats

  4. "Is it working exactly as I said…?" Brilliant scripting and delivery!

  5. Seeker of Knowledge of Nature and Survival says:

    Skyrim horse logic

  6. Fun fact some animal do club mountains like way more vertical than this


  7. I literally call this "skyrim-ing up the mountain" when I just spam jump and go up vertical terrain, best used in Horizon Zero Dawn

  8. Ah fast travel without actually fast traveling

  9. I love how the plot is consistent, Rowan didnt even question where did the horses come from.

  10. Phobos in AC Odyssey can survive a jump from any distance, guarranteed

  11. Look at my horse, my horse is amazing!

  12. I would love to see this thing but if the Skyrim logic of climbing.

  13. I appreciate you **** out the cussing 😊

    Thats why you get the special Goat mount lol 😆

  14. I thought they were going to do the horse tilt glitch from Skyrim but I was wrong

  15. The horses of Skyrim are hardy and strong, and make for mountain climbing skills what they lack in speed.

  16. These guys need to make a game based off these vids

  17. Commander Shepard slapping his MAKO: This bad boy can climb so MANY mountains.

  18. Its the fact that a bipedal creature like a human would actually fare way better going up a cliff face than a 4-legged animal like a horse (which also would be too heavy to go up it) that makes me wonder if devs even tried to make their game a touch of realistic. But literally nobody cares as long as the game is good. Skyrim is a prime example.

  19. rowan arguing with ben about game mechanics are always some of my favorite videos >.<

  20. pov: botw horses not being able to jump down a rock

  21. Almost fooled me with then horses. They look 100% real

  22. If I had a dollar for every time Ben proved Rowan wrong, I wouldn't be watching this video right now I'd be sailing the Mediterranean. I guess I'm glad I'm not rich then.

  23. If no horse, use the rule of grass. If there is a tiny bit of moss on the cliff you can try climbing there by foot

  24. Would've work better if they used bunny hopping, worked in Skyrim, Fallout, and Far Cry.

  25. I jump up the mountains in skyrim and im fairly good at it

  26. Roach from the Witcher is fantastic, Skyrim second best, last of us horses are basically a merry go horses that hops fences.

  27. skyrim horses are the best climbing equipment and the best catapults

  28. I was waiting with such anticipation for the janky horses. I knew janky animated horses would appear. VLDL never disappoints.

  29. Assassins creed Odyssey is laughing rn

  30. I guess Rowan finally found his horse pocket.

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