How to Build MOTO Sim Rig Works with Any Game/Console

In today’s video I want to show you revolutionary invention 🙂 Moto racing simulator that works no matter which game and console you want to play! It has fully functional very sensetive steering, break and accelerator as well.The best thing that it extremly cheap to build! Pure satisfaction guaranteed 🙂

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  1. hope nobody who actually rides or races takes the habit from this of leaning and turning in the same direction

  2. Great innovation for the concept. Can you tell us what gas struts you used as I have a design like this and tried shocks but they were to strong lol. Just need a pointer in the right direction please. Thanks

  3. Love how this dude just makes this project look effortless. Good job!

  4. This dude is training horrible habits with that steering into a fucking corner hahahahhahahhaha. Try it in the real world see if you make it to the next day.

  5. I loved this. Truly. You’re beyond genius level.

    But clutch is on left, brake on right and foot. And counter steer

  6. I think it can be made better with gear shifting pedals like real life bikes, a clutch/rear brakes?

  7. Good start! Found this since i was thinking of doing something very similar since nothing good exists already, or at least not for less than cost of a real motorcycle ($6k – $20).
    ONE BIG PROBLEM, this isn't a mountain bike SIM. Real street bikes turn opposite direction due to the steep rake angle and gyro effect of the front wheel.
    Only works like this at extremely low speeds, although not a place you want to be since gyro isn't helping to balance and they have the steering radius of the moon.

  8. Is there a more detailed video on this?

  9. Well, it turns via the handles, so Id reverse them like irl. I dont have access to a 3d printer. It is too much for me to learn. I would love to do something like this though.

  10. Boah, sehr schöne Idee und Umsetzung. Richtig, richtig gut. Danke für das Video.

  11. You know what would elevate this to a new level? If the motorbike would be assisted by a hydraulic with a sensor that senses when you want to change Direction and "pushes" and on the other side dampens at the same time to give it a more realistic feeling

  12. Awesome video. Would be great if you slap on a used steering damper to add some resistance to the handlebar.

  13. Bro in which amount you give me this moto s

  14. klasse arbeit, gibt es dafür auch eine anleitung? maße usw?, viele grüße

  15. Dude gets to be a kid in his room living the best life while adulting sheeeeeit. I love motogp and have always wanted a full tactile experience. I have a broad skill set like you, but mine are more digital and film/music/photography based where as you just create stuff like a God with all that stuff at your disposal, just at your fingertips. Every kid, I mean adult needs this type of batman life! Well done Sir! Patent this!

  16. Nice work! Where can we download the ps4 controller g.code?

  17. hard work and good idea !!!! plus🤩🤩🤩

  18. This is genius because simple. Nobody explain me how to get signal. So I made something like this for steering wheel like You.

  19. What is counter-steering and how does it work?

  20. Nice VID but… I'd rather didnt have such thing. Its not working. If you'll play with this thing for whole winter – you will be dead at first teal ride when spring will come. Countersteering. You will train wrong techniq on that device. Actually on 4:38 we can clearly see that you imitate turn in wrongest possible way.

  21. Hello! Where can I find the instructions to build this? And how to get the materials? I’m unfamiliar with the hydraulic cylinders and what to look for.

  22. Real people face the real races, but the autistics play is video games. They live in a virtual world.😢

  23. Great idea. Wouldnt trust it with the crap welding though..

  24. richtig schrottig , ist doch NULL immersion und gefühl wie auf echten motorrad , eher wie auf kinderspielplatz diese unbequeme bewegungen und der sitz

  25. Hello i want to acheter ton simulateur

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