I Bought the CHEAPEST Dirt Bike on AMAZON!

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  1. Now i was thinkin, and that dont happen often. #story of my life

  2. kendall is genuinely dangerous dude has a underground bunker and has a hell of a shot hes ready lmaoo

  3. Change the carburetor and your good to go

  4. this guy went to my school, and now hes got nearly 3m. keep it up man

  5. Is no one gonna talk about that white turkey

  6. I race dirt bikes. I have an 2002 90 Yamaha and I ride 450 hondas

  7. I love how the turkey squares up on a dirt bike but gets whooped by a chicken 😂😂

  8. When he went up the hill he needs to shift up he will go faster come on KG

  9. I been burned out and bummed out alot lately but after watching this video I havnt laughed this hard in a long time . Thanks guys!

  10. I bought a 125 for 700 and it was the size of an 80. It had power you couldn't even use due to the gearing/sprockets. You had to start out in second, skipping 1st all together and it didn't really have a high gear. It needed a 6th. Yours looks like a 50 lol. Hopefully it's geared better

  11. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  12. My uncle had a white turkey that was so mean lmao he use to chase us on the dirtbike, 4 wheeler, or even on foot lmoao

  13. Make a video of surviving on only a air gun your choice

  14. that turkey was like one of us is gonna have this lawn one dead aka you and i get the lawn

  15. One thing i know… turkeys hate dirt bikes😅😂

  16. Funny to see that mericans cant use manual-gear vehicles

  17. "I had the heart of the tiger and they had the eye of the loser" 😂 you're too funny

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