I Crashed My Dirtbike And This Happened! (Blood warning)

Full YouTube video drops tomorrow!


  1. Bro I did the same shit. Still can't grow beard hair in that spot lol

  2. Did the same, overshot a jump and land on my clutch Cover

  3. Homeboy had a broken finger from a previous crash🤣

  4. He probably was almost kicked off and then hit is chin on the handlebars somewhere

  5. Ngl that design look bad ass, with the red design spots…

  6. Ich dachte das rote wäre das Design vom t Shirt

  7. Oh no I saw blood call the ambulance for me

  8. Split my chin like that a few times. Scary.

  9. Sick jersey colors design from now on

  10. with a broken finger from the previous ride😂

  11. I thought the blood was just a design on his jersey

  12. Chin to handle bars !! My guess ! Happened to me & a chipped tooth ! Motocross racers are tough !! 👍👍☝️

  13. Quick tip blood wash it in cold water

  14. I thought the blood was part of the jersey

  15. Over or under jump in some cases and the next stop is your chin on the handlebars

  16. First of all I thought that was the shirt

  17. That jersey looked so sweet that I didn't even think it was blood at first…. 😂💙🦊

  18. Already has the stint on his finger and still out sending it! Love it!

  19. Bashed chin, broken finger, you need a break

  20. Does this dude no how to hold a camera

  21. I thought that was the Jersey design 😂
    All jokes aside hope you are ok

  22. Why don’t they make a jersey like that looks sick low key

  23. I’ve done that’s on my bike and my snowmobile nit don’t feel good

  24. It’s ok, the blood adds graphics to the Jersey. Also why ride with a broken finger😂

  25. This man already riding with a broken finger 🤣

  26. Tbh I thought ur face ripped of but that red blood looks god dams good on that jersey

  27. From experience that will turn brown

  28. No offense but I thought the blood stains 😂was part of your shirt

  29. ngl that shirt looks way better with blood💯💯

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