I Got An INSANE New Dirt Bike! (Trials Rising)

Huge thanks to Cookie Run: Kingdom for sponsoring this video! Check out the game by clicking the link below 🙂 #CookieRun #CookieRunKingdom

I turned into a weird dirt biking horse in Trials Rising! I’m super stoked to FINALLY unlock this new bike as well. Hope you guys like this video! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. Can you play Forza horizon 4 because I'm a big fan of the game and I think you will like it to

  2. Hi Sam. What are you editing with in your videos?

  3. Please play happy wheels more those are my favorite

  4. Sam! If youre looping out backwards all you have to do is press LT to brake and it will lock your back wheel and correct your rotation to make you upright again! Love you, keep up the good work!

  5. the mantis bike is made for bunny hops, you should probably learn it

  6. Big punch Chris: hi this is chris Sam: you will die Sam: BAH

  7. Roll backwards at the start of the snow level. You'll get a snowman's head.

  8. "You'll get to discover mysterious secrets of the cookie world past" may be my favorite sentence I've ever heard in a video.

  9. In groen fjord go in revers for an raster egg

  10. That bike is based off of a real life bike, they are called trials bikes meant for those types of stunts in real life

  11. You should play more cross out

  12. Hey Sam! you should play the new vr skateboarding game its super fun and would 100% recommend

  13. One about one week ago did you see me when you were playing the senders I was on the guy with the Xbox shirt and the orange helmet

  14. Get use to that leaning back and springing forward nonsense, it's something you'll need if you play the other games.

  15. Hey guys is Ryan secrets here I'm thinking of Sam oh

  16. You should play saints row 4 but turn the audio🎮

  17. Can you change your character because I hate that Character

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