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0:00 Intro
0:50 1 Day
2:53 2 Months
5:12 3 Months
6:15 4 Months
7:41 5 Months
8:46 6 Months
10:02 7 Months
11:25 8 Months
12:09 9 Months
13:38 10 Months
15:10 11 Months
17:23 1 Year


  1. And i officially suck at the game ive got more hours than you do but am not even close to the pro scene i even struggle to qually for the am races.
    Rn i can blame it on screen freezes which ive been getting like crazy for like the last month or so and pibs physics are fucking me over aswell
    occasionally i get glimpses of what it could have been but then screen freeze,
    pib physics happen or i just choke it (most of the time) and i just cant put the lap together
    when i slow down to stay upright im not fast enough to qually
    but imma stay on the grind maybe one day ill get there

  2. Had you spent even half of the time on a real track it would be 800 hours. No offense, but as a rider, if I could spend 1600 hours on this game in a year, you best bet I would rather spend a lot on a track.
    So that brings me to my question, do you ride in real life? If not, why? If yes, why and how do you spend over 4 hours each day on the game?
    I would assume there would be some reason in particular as to why you couldn’t ride in real life.
    Sorry if I sound like a dick, that’s not my intention, I am genuinely curious.

  3. This man is better at 70 hours then I am now, just about to break 400 hours prolly in the next week😭

  4. Do a tatorial on how to download bikes plz

  5. You're Using Keyboard or XBOX Joystick? @Troyjannn

  6. Great video bro. I just had to say it. 1600 hours in 1 year is crazy.

  7. Is it on Xbox and if it is, is it free?

  8. crazy how fast you got fast! keep it up man

  9. Im at like 90 hrs and not as good as you at 70hrs

  10. What bike do you had in month 2 and what map was it ? Btw nice to see your progress 😀

  11. He was way better than me on his first day and I'm 60 hours in. I struggle so much in this stupid game.

  12. u are the reason i got this game lol its very fun and i like it – Nathan

  13. Dose anyone know what track was on October 2022 70hours

  14. Hey, i was curious to what your setup is? (like your FOV, Tilt, lean and all that jazz)

  15. Great improvement!
    The video in the beginning, how you make the game look so good ? I have high end pc and all the graphic settings maxed out and still it’s look like an 2001 game 🤕

  16. Damn! How much do you play every day/every session? 1,600 hrs in a year is insane!

  17. I have one question I bought a mod for Mx bikes and put it in the folder it works but it won’t let me reset my character do you know what to do?

  18. I used to race Scrambling as it was known in 1985 wheni was 8, my bikes-86 kx80,87 Rm80, 88-90 Kx100×3 and 91 Rm125, love the content, it really feels right, in a dark room on a big screen it must be amazing, can you get 2 strokes ? The last kx100 i Used for nationals was tricked out to the extreme.

  19. Whenever I move forward I flip backwards

  20. do you know how to reset ur settings?

  21. Hello I watch your videos for a long time and I also play MX bikes I wanted to know your game settings I think your control with the bike is amazing

  22. dang my bro first 2 hours better than my first 30hours

  23. Is it just me or is the controls just messed up

  24. if you worked for minimum wage for half the hours you put in this game youud owna real bike

  25. what is the naem of the snowy map at 400h

  26. When I started watching you I got the game and I’ve gotten so much better after I was watching you daily and you have just earned a new subscriber keep the good work up and try hard in life ❤

  27. What is a map for the first day please

  28. me watching this 3 months after release as a player with over 3.5k hours you were a lot better than me at 40 to 70 hrs

  29. if you add a shake after A jump it should looks better 👍

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