I tried to ride my son’s new dirt bike!


  1. That’s what you get for wearing short shorts


  3. Well that 1 minute of my life. I wont get back.

  4. I think that thing looks too big for him bruh

  5. He was sitting on the back of the seat he looped out

  6. In Kazakh: Менің басымдағы сұрақтар: не болды? Ол ауырды ма. In English: the questions in my head: what happened. Is he hurt

  7. He’s got that goofy ah Ohio looking helmet

  8. Bro every short is just 11 year old son💀💀💀

  9. How did he not se the tree infront of him 😂

  10. Yeah…. Not the right size for a 11 year old and I swear If it’s his first dirt bike..

  11. You also got your 11-year-olds shorts on

  12. I think he had a little too much gas then clutch

  13. i haven't cringed this hard in… at least 45 minutes… >_>

  14. Where did you get the bike from?

  15. Bro u can literally see where the video cuts. That was one minute of my life won’t get back!

  16. Imagine laying your dirtbike for views thats no good

  17. Pls tell me where u find the dirt bike I'm 9 and I'm desperate for one so pls tell me where u bought it

  18. How do u know how to ride a dirtbike but you don't know how to wear your helment

  19. He knows what he’s doing *he’s wearing the helmet wrong

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