I became a pro motocross racer in MX vs ATV Legends! I got an early look at the game before it’s released, but it’s available now as you’re watching this. Let me know if you want to see more of this game! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. He said he's a pro mx rider he dosnt know the difference if he's in 1st gear going 34 Mike's an hour or 134

  2. I love playing Washougal in first person on Legends

  3. They’re called loops The one that you said Woopsie‘s

  4. Learn how to shift in games then come back and play them you suck like hell

  5. Sam : I did not see a 3 2 1. Me: that’s how motocross works

  6. its first gear thats y u probs have manual gameplay click right joystick in to go up and left to go down oppisite way sorry use left to go higher right to go lower

  7. Dude your jammed in 1st half the time

  8. You were on the first gear the whole time

  9. you should have a funerule for all those guys you killed

  10. Whenever your crush you start in first gear so you need to sift up

  11. So sam, there are these things called gears. The higher the gear, the faster you go. You were going slow because you were in 1st gear, AKA the slowest gear.

  12. You’re the best at this game even though you’re slow👍🏼🤛🏼

  13. Slight correction the things you call whoop de doos are actual called a rhyme section or pumps

  14. He’s like do you why am I going slow and he stuck in first gear

  15. the reason your bike and atv was going so slow in the races in because you were in first gear the whole time after you crashed

  16. Not to be rude sam but what u call a whip its called a scrub

  17. ok i do mx for a carrier and play this game and ima be fr
    i was foaming out the mouth

    still entreating tho :/

  18. The reason why you were going so slow on the last lap was because you were in first gear

  19. It’s good and not good because you have to have PlayStation subscription and that’s like the one category

  20. When you respawn you get put in first gear, so it was slower because you had to shift up.

  21. It’s not that scary in real life I do motocross

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