I became a pro motocross racer in MX vs ATV Legends! I got an early look at the game before it’s released, but it’s available now as you’re watching this. Let me know if you want to see more of this game! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and click the bell to never miss an upload!

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  1. U we’re going slow around 6 mins bc u were in 1st gear

  2. this game is shit compared to what was and how u do that? How u make something worse than u did the first time.

  3. irl motocross might be more scary but it's way more the only downside is that I have to do 10 push ups every day just to be in a group

  4. u gotta change gears to go faster!!!!!!

  5. I race motocross in real life.😎 good video sam

  6. Sam like I didn’t see a 3 2 1 count down there never is one😂😂

  7. bro change your god amn gear its not the game its just your retarded ass

  8. Onepercent of the time people laying on top of each other in a ate race

  9. Why do I always watch Sam videos in the middle of the night

  10. I race dirt bikes in real life. And the day this came out I was at a dirt bike race.

  11. OMG!!!!! My family is into dirt bikes and we also just got Legends!!!! I find the game very fun but thank you for playing this Sam❤️

  12. The tabor Man U are cool and awesome and your vids are great could u post mincraft?

  13. For next video can you make a skater XL video

  14. YES! I got Legends on release, and I was super expecting you to play it! It would be cool to see a real life motocross riding video on your other channel!

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