Impossible Climb La Bresse | Hill Climbing Madness

French hill climb sensation moved to Impossible Climb La Bresse for a 2-day pure madness with modified monsters prototype machines trying to make impossible, possible.

North-eastern French ski resort La Bresse hosted the 32nd Montée Impossible action with 72 riders ready for their destiny on 23-24th July.

Racing weekend started on Saturday and there were two categories of bikes to hit the hill, Prototype and Verticross. Being a stock dirt bike, Verticross category didn’t hold a chance against the massive Col de Grosse-Pierre ridge. On the other side Prototype category was on fire and we had the USA’s hill climb champion Joe Shipman in the house.
Throughout the racing weekend Prototype category riders took 4 runs and Verticross 8 knockout sessions in order to be qualified to the super final.

In the end there were only 9 riders in Prototype category that made it to the top of 211m hill and the fastest of them was Joe Shipman with his mind blowing 18.05s time.

Impossible Climb La Bresse 2022 Podium
1 – Joe Shipman – 18.05s
2 – Vincent Mougenot – 19.45s
3 – Johan Pelter – 19.67s

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  1. 7:27 made it look so easy and his bike is putting down some serious torque, excellent powerband.

  2. It's amazing this is a very expensive hobby🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  3. Why do you always hear a drunk sounding giggly woman laughing when they wreck?

  4. Is part of the requirement to do to able to wreck in very flashy way? These folks are nuts plain and simple. Fun the watch.

  5. These guys and their heavily modified bikes on this baby hill. My 50cc moped could easily make this tiny hill.

  6. Quanta ignorância do ser humano 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. That last 10 yards is a BRUTAL stretch of earth… ! Excellent job with camera angles , filming and audio … ! 👍

  8. That last part at the top is BS!!! SMH Mainly because it looks added on, it's not even part of the natural hill, bunch of loose dirt, mulch and hay or something SMH.

  9. sao mà đẻ khỏe thế sang mỹ buoi bọn my nó dài lại to nữa nó chơi phát nào là lại đẻ luôn dậy cách đẻ nhiều hợp lý hơn đấy

  10. momentum is everything. Only the riders with speed, air over the bottom bump, made it close to or over the top. Those that rolled the bottom bump had zero chance of completing this climb, despite their awesome traction tires and horsepower or torque. Doesn't happen without momentum.

  11. What kind of engines are they running ? Some look like modified 450s but others I see 4 exhaust headers that look like an engine from a street bike

  12. Been on sleep medication for years after a traumatic brain injury and this music is healing my brain. The doc has cut my dose in half twice and I will no longer need medication, and I am sleeping. Thank You.

  13. Pathetic. Try a lightweight, off the shelf 125cc dirt bike and climb it in first gear. No need for all this high-speed stupidity.

  14. That's the most American thing I've seen outside of America.

  15. Wie dumm kann man sein? Da schämt man sich ein Mensch zu sein.

  16. 2:41 is a big Faceplant !!, that doode did take shovel full of dirt into the mouth

  17. Explain to me why a regular dirt bike cant make it up there
    Geniune question no hate or anything

  18. 1st vid 😂😂😂
    2nd vid… Tfck is that 90°?

  19. Conservation of angular momentum. Gotta hit that rear break just as you go airborne at the top.

  20. We have similar races in the Czech Republic, but this is a class! 😮

  21. Peace question: this type tournament which more stronger between 2 stroke vs 4 stroke ???

  22. Multiple people going up together seems rather dangerous when basically everyone ends up flipping their bike at the top. It's not so bad with one person (though you definitely wouldn't find me doing that), but the chance of whoever is lower getting hit by the higher person's bike seems a bit too high.

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