Impossible Hill Climb Arette – Rocket Dirt Bike Race – 2023

I thought I can do this hill on my exc 300, so I come as media to see if I can go and start next year to show them all how easy it is… but now I’m pretty sure – it’s impossible.

In the videos this climb looked pretty easy, now I’m sure no one can shoot it straight on a standard bike!

On September 20, Impossible Arette will take place in the French Pyrenees.
This year the climb turned out to be impossible – no pilot managed to climb to 220 meters.

Montee Arette!



  1. ทำไมต้องทำอะไรเสี่ยงๆและหวาดเสียวด้วยนะ​คือปกติหรือเมาถึงกล้าทำ

  2. Much better camera work on this one over many other videos. You really get the feel for the steepness although I'm sure it still pales.

  3. These motorbikes can plough a shamba😂

  4. Personne ne réussit jamais ? Une merde inutile.

  5. 1:30 tilt the camera another 45 degrees why don't you? lmao

  6. In 20 years these guys will be able to predict the weather

  7. Watching these fools makes me feel like a genius.

  8. Уроки физики в школе чуваки злостно прогуливали.😀

  9. Это тренировка к трюку в фильме "Доспехи бога "

  10. バランス取るのむずい乗りにくそうなバイクだな。わざとか?なんのために後輪があんなうしろについているんだか。

  11. Man did a backflip 😂😂😂😂 the red one

  12. they should have 2-3 times longer rear fork

  13. Увлекательно но опасно

  14. C'est vachement additif ce truc ! J'ai voulu regarder jusqu'à la fin pour voir si y'en avait un qui allait jusqu'en haut !

  15. So what do you get if you go. The further then any one ir mske it to the top

  16. awesome. great that you don't have music. Bike sounds are the best woo woo

  17. Это уже какая-то гонка форсированных мотокультиваторов))))) С такой резиной то…

  18. This is waaayyy more enjoyable to watch than MotoGP

  19. Fuck yeah brother mix of Viagra & steroids in the jungle juice fuel tank 🤙🤣🤙

  20. Its kinda like motorized bull riding lol They dig thin trenches with on the off season.

  21. The audience when the kid brings his game on showing his arrival @19:30!

  22. Пока кто нибуть из этих чудиков на байках по хребту не получит до перелома позвоночника и игры закончатся!Тупизм максимальный!

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