Ironman National FULL 450 Moto 1 | 2022 Pro Motocross

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  1. Kickstart wasn’t holding Tomac up ! Drama queens

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  3. Hearing Jason Constantly Interrupting Broc just Drives me Nuts

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  5. Tomac how about some advice and guidance on steroids testosterone for Men estrogen for women and karate against bullying

  6. love watching pros make clean aggressive passes. so impressive

  7. After watching this a second time since watching it on race day… this is the best race I've seen in a while.

  8. Papa wala daddy cloud wadi girls mommy daddy

  9. You are so lucky to have decent motocross in the States. The damned tree huggers here in the UK make it so hard for grass roots clubs to operate. In the 1980's I travelled round Europe watching Grand Prix Motocross with the big 500cc 2 strokes – awesome but sadly no more. The only thing I dislike about US motocross is the riders' fascination with 'styling' it over the jumps – it looks flashy but it's actually slower in my view.

  10. ironman national is the race for the best of the best. really amazing.

  11. love how roczen was dominating, lost 1 race to eli and now is terrible. Kid couldnt handle the heat lol

  12. dungy runs top 5 out of a 5 year retirement which means these guys are just running safe laps jett waxed everyone NO PROBLEM the whole year

  13. When Brock is there he sure loves sexton! Not so much for Tomac

  14. When Tomac is quicker they say nothing when char bites into again they sure mention it. Too bad Eli hangs on

  15. Ive done all the drugs butnothing beats being in a countries National Championship and that 1st corner with another 39 riders, No20………

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  17. The amount of views is crazy. Moto and SX is well and strong.

  18. Go chase sexton batte with eli tomac!

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