Is This Change Good For Motocross Games?

Back with some more MX Bikes. Got the new OEMs installed and test a couple new tracks. Also realized the game has changed since I was away for a year. The mod seen is a little bit different. Thank you for any support you show this video. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know what you think in the COMMENTS!

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MX Bikes runs on a physics engine that was built from scratch and accurately simulates motorcycle dynamics and setup options. In the game, the player can also host and join online races with an integrated match making server. Statistics for riders is available during events to other players for comparison. MX Bikes features: automotive industry-standard tyre model, dynamic terrain deformation, wet terrain simulation and wet weather, LAN and online racing as well as dedicated servers are available, possibility to paint bikes, helmet, boots, and gloves, tools and documentation are provided to allow advanced players to build and integrate new tracks, bikes, and gear into the game as mods. At its current state it is in beta access.


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  1. Yo Windham you should try Bonnies Place if you like club! Its not a simple easy track but it is so good!

  2. I always wondered, why do you always say we instead of I? Like you said “we’re not that good”, why didn’t you say “I’m not that good”?

  3. Hey I have a tip for you when you exit corners stand immediately and leans forward when in the corner and if you take insides always use 1st gear and lean forwards or you will loop 😊 your welcome and have a great day and love the content keep it up ❤

  4. I love this game, what makes me crazy is that you see the new games, the graphics that are available now and suddenly you find this, it makes me angry, because we can't have a good dirt bike simulator with next gen graphics.

  5. Free track (dreamland) = 969 of the same tree model in the same orientation lol.

  6. if you ever wanna play some 2023 SX i got setups for honda and yami. SX this season has been really good for tracks

  7. Glad too see you enjoying the game more than the first video. You seem way more comfortable with the game and much improved from the last time 🤘

  8. hai windham glad to see you keep making racing stuff videos, i'm really enjoying your content <3
    i think its good to see you play and review dakar desert rally :))

  9. i was terrible at this game! put in 15-20 hours now im pretty decent.. found the CRF to be the best bike for me. Persistence is Key!

  10. Love the Mx Bikes content, would definitely like to see more videos from you playing bikes

  11. Whats your bike and all the settings like lean/forward and backward left and right and ect… i cant get a good tuning set up no matter what i do 😀 also im a noob when it comes to these games lol could you do a video of your bike settings and leans ect kike a in depth/detail video?? Please and thanks also love your vids man

  12. Looking to get a PC just to play this game. Anyone have any recommendations for not trying to break the bank?

  13. This is where mod reviews come in… save us from the BAD paid mods Windham. Warn us before it's too late. Pay the price so we don't have to. Insert more hero/money double entendres here

  14. Love to see MX bikes on this channel, also I recommend getting Max HUD, it makes the first person riding experience that much better

  15. I was riding with my sit/dab bound to the “b” button on my xbox controller but then i put it onto the right stick like lynds and i love it

  16. I don't think paying a buck or two for the paid tracks is the main problem/annoyance. I think it's the way the game is setup that makes people not want to play it and/or play custom tracks. First of all, which tracks should I get? Who is playing what track? Is this server going to do a race? Am I going to get a connection time out? Ok I got the track and here's a server, oh I don't have that one bike that they downloaded but I have all the others. Ok so I get in and do a lap and now the server changes to another track I don't have. Ok I bought and downloaded this track and got in the server, and the chat bar says server disconnect. Why is all the free content not automatically downloaded like Tires and oem bikes and free tracks. I have close to 200 hours and do pay for tracks but it's super frustrating the way it's all done and I see why people don't want to play the game at all let alone only play forest and club.

  17. You should grind this game its so much better than the others.imo

  18. I remember watching your supercross series does your track suck, glad you came back up on my recommendations, glad to see you on Bikes brother, much lover

  19. Right on bud. It looks like bringing your bike out to some random track, But being video game throwing it around. 👍

  20. This moto game is a gift from the Piboso gods. Its so challenging but so satisfying to progress.

  21. is this guy kevin windham lol that would be awesome either way great content

  22. Hey Windham it makes it a lot easier to gage jumps if you get maxhud and turn on the map

  23. im kind of sad with how mctd just died of and its not getting any updates frequently

  24. before you land a jump lean forward, it sounds odd but it prevents the weird bounce mx bikes has when landing.

  25. I'd recommend leaning back more often than not

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