JAGGER CRAIG’S FIRST 65cc DIRT BIKE!! Learning To Clutch & Shift


The time has come for Jagger’s first 65cc dirt bike! After going to the dealership and a quick clutch and shifting lesson around the neighborhood we were ready to hit the motocross track!

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Paige & Christian Craig





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  1. Jagger's first 65cc, that was so awesome 😎👍

  2. Jagger has the coolest parents ever 🤘!

  3. Jagger learned the clutch quick! Good Job!

  4. Congratulations Jagger 💪✊! Sky's the limit now. I remember getting my first 60 (I am old as dirt, so in my day they were 60's, not 65's). My mom talked 🎅 into getting me a Yamaha 60 for Christmas. Still one of my favorite memories. That 60 is still to this day more meaningful than me getting my first 80. W.F.O. Jagger!

  5. Dad look at the time your spending with your kids priceless…But get well soon daddy -O 28

  6. There is no quit in this kid. Wants to keep on riding way past bed time. He probably dreams this in his sleep.

  7. I think the Underwear is going to move. Buying some as soon as it post.

  8. Wow, he's doing really well! Frigging nice bike! Little practice he will be tearing it up!

  9. Could get the suspension lowered , would help a lot then once he grows take spacers out

  10. Wow I'm impressed . It's been about 15 years since I had to teach my boys to ride with a clutch . Man I miss those days .

  11. What a great moment in life ! Thanks for sharing

  12. Can’t believe how much he’s grown. You rode it like a champ, Jagger! Great job!

  13. "Oh boy, he's on the sidewalk" had me rolling! Get well soon Christian!

  14. You are Mom of the Year !!!! Great Video .

  15. Wow he’s already good with the clutch, looking forward to seeing him race it 👍

  16. Fantastic looking bike Jagger you took to it very good awesome clutch work & riding Paige super moto mom again continue to heal Christian 🏝🌊💪🏁👍

  17. Yo that kids going to be insane never rode a bike with a clutch rides it down the street once goes right to a track didnt loop it out on his first ride if you have ever got on a 65 you understand how easy it can shoot out from under you

  18. Definitely the hair, surprised you haven’t cut it off yet. Christian’s one of the greats of the sport anyways

  19. Jeanne Carmichael 2.0 had me on the ground Rolling the personal videos I am thankful for get to know the real person or should I say people appreciate you letting us into your lives for a small glimpse. Great job Jagger my first experience with clutch 1978 KX 80. Yes I’m old is dirt first time looped it out thank you for your time and energy you put into the videos

  20. Lil Dudes pumped for that 65! Can't believe he was clutching and shifting up to jump stuff his first few laps on that new bike.

  21. Killin it on the 65 buddy

  22. Kid will be fine but I was on a kx 60 by 7. Are kids not on the 60-65 till later now? He took off riding quickly. I thought he was just 6-7. With Craig as a dad he will be ripping at Loretta's very soon…

  23. Kid has good technique for his first ride if that's truly his first we have the next Christian Craig

  24. Get Jag with Hudson let them rip the track together he'll be turning quick laps soon

  25. Congratulations on the new bike Jagger! Did amazing!

  26. That was so awesome. Can't hide that 😁. Go Jagger!!

  27. Great video.. i still remember my first clutch bike .. a fire breathing 1978 YZ80. These are the memories that will last his entire riding life!

  28. My 4 yr old is absolutely in love with jagger !! Please keep making these videos ! Btw Jagger is str8 killing it !!!

  29. Didn't take him long to start going fast! Great job out there!

  30. Awesome Jagger. You're a natural. The Craig's are killing it.

  31. Once he figures out the clutch in the corners he’s going to have that 65 jus screaming out of the corners. that 2stroke going to be screaming like DangerBoy did in his 65 and supermini days mixed with Barcia’s panic revs lol

  32. Did someone break your arm when they found out you named your kid “jagger”?

  33. Congrats on the 65 he was ripping towards the end.

  34. 🤙🤙🤙🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪👃👃👃

  35. I am blown away by his ability to handle the bike and the clutch, looooo(k out another Craig to the motocross world, yes I love it .I give dad and mom a 100% and a gold star for being a great parent to Jagger and his sister and the baby love you all God bless and heal up Craig good to see you all together love you and God bless you all from the bay area California Larry vanbrunt jr.

  36. The smile on a boy's face when he gets a new Bike is priceless and never gets old!!!

  37. such a good mom. that's awesome !!

  38. I hope yiu get better im so sorry for what happened but i know that's how it goes in racing. But wish you and your family good health. Good well soon..

  39. Kid can ride! He deffinetly needs a few more inches or maybe the rear shock de compressed a bit

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