Dylan and I decided we would do a game of bike on the klx110’s and on the skatepark…

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  1. Created this channel at the beginning of the year and already past 7k subs.
    I must say. Very impressive

  2. could i please have the link to the klx?

  3. Dude like yesterday you were on like 300 subs now 7k wtf

  4. Video where you can only ride in 3rd person for the whole video no first person

  5. Btw 2nd and 1st are pretty much just out of the question for a big transfer i have one in real life you trust me

  6. Sorry I'm late man I might be late on a couplevids but I try to comment on every one

  7. Are you playing in VR or console? But eanyways great video bro.

  8. how do you get the skate park. when i download it, it doesn’t show up

  9. I think I might have accidentally joined my bad I guessed 1234 I think

  10. Can someone link the mod for the klx110 can't find it anywhere on mxmods

  11. Hey man hate to be a bother but could you drop the link for the skate park map

  12. Hey man every time I try to click to 110 my game crashes does anyone know the fix to this ?

  13. How do you ride this, I can’t even enjoy this map cause I hit anything and my bikes spins out and goes crazy

  14. Yo. Orris could you are a video on how to download the full game

  15. What is this game called I cannot find it on my Xbox

  16. Do a skate park transfer video on the 500 hp

  17. i used to play this game so much on my 360

  18. How did you get the sound mod to work and which sound mod did you use

  19. do you know why mine has no sound and why its delayed please tell me its so annoying

  20. hey Kody I cant find the klx 110 on the mxb be website do you thing you can give me the link to it if possible btw great vid!!!

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