Dylan and I decided we would do a game of bike on the klx110’s and on the skatepark…

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  1. Amazing video maybe I should download the 110 alpha mods or something

  2. Is this only on PC I want this game soooo badd

  3. You should do the 195 horsepower yz 250 on max erode with to people

  4. Omg I love this guy I watch him on my iPad and phone

  5. Can you make a video how to download tracks

  6. Dude you should take the 110’s on the city map and try to land backflips that would be so cool

  7. Hey, can you explain how to download the 110, i just cant get it to show up in game.

  8. he theres a setting for you to see if your siting or standing in mx bikes settings!!

  9. Yo Norris if you go to settings you can make it show up if your sitting or standing, just a tip it will show up on you screen by the gears

  10. been watching since i saw u quad that one section on tiktok on the moped excited to see where yall go with youtube

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