Milan – Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Jamuna, Pran, Surendranath, Deven Varma – Classic Bollywood Movie

Milan – Classic Bollywood Movie – 1967 Directed By : A.Subba Rao Starring : Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Jamuna, Pran, Surendranath , Shyama , Deven Varma , Leela Misra, Mukri, Lata Arora, David Music Director : Laxmikant Pyarelal

Synopsis : On the banks of the holy River Ganga, Gopi, a ferryman conducts an unconsummated romance with Radha, a girl from the upper classes. At the same time, he rejects the advances of Gauri, a girl from his own village, who is attracting the unwanted attention of Radha’s lecherous uncle. Fate is not kind to them. Radha is married off to a man she doesn’t care for and Gopi is severely beaten by thugs sent by Radha’s uncle after he prevents him from molesting Gauri. Radha’s husband dies suddenly and she returns home in disgrace to find her father is dangerously ill. However, the attraction between Radha and Gopi remains as strong as ever and ugly rumours start to circulate about the nature of their relationship – for which Gopi blames the jealous Gauri. Emotions come to the boil and tragedy results. Fortunately, for all concerned, another birth awaits them.

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  1. Horrifyingly bad! Remind to stay this side of the Ganges River.

  2. wtf dit ga je toch niet allemaal kijken .
    weet niet eens wat t is maar toch .

  3. the subtitles are fucked up they are goin much too fast ,than the movie,can u fix them ???

  4. …its got good meanings and the acting is great between sunil dutt and nutan. nutan is a great actress. the songs are great, not sure i agree with the ending, when they happily die together.

    life is so sacred so why are they happy to die. but def old is gold..nuch better than the recent crap hindi films now.

  5. ma perchè cavolo se scrivo milan, il primo video che mi appare è questo schifo?

  6. @italianodoc1986 Giusto! Porca puttana cancellate sta merda perfavore. E vediamoci qualche glo di Ibra!

  7. nice one there……but u can help to find a hindi movie which all relates to boats or fisher's life ……can u provide me sum names of such movies…

  8. WTF? since when there are movies in youtube?

  9. I only clicked on this because a boy in my class is called Milan..
    The video isn't working for me..

  10. wth.. i only clicked this cos the square this is huge

  11. Classic Movie… Thanks for the upload… love it 🙂





  14. bitch got a huge ring in her nose….lol

  15. Very slow internet speed..too many jerks.

  16. i remember watching this film around 2002 when i was 8 years old. it was soo beautiful that i still remembered the charaters and the song sawan ka mahina, which i though was the most amazing song ever so i locked it in my brain so that i can remember it where ever i went. now im 17 and in UK and im soo glad that i still remember this. it just makes me a lot happy 🙂

  17. wat a movie, natural acting not a money acting lyk 2days actors

  18. YouTube Why are u not showing me this movie, am curious to watch it

  19. One of the best in thousand movies !!!!!!!

  20. det ärbästa film alltid jag leva med dag ligen tack

  21. ram aur syam, azad, naya daur,padosan,jungalee,milan ,madhumati,,,umda hindi film —- mohammad farooque – jaunpur t.bzr. up india .

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