Mini Mac getting use to that Eagle power! #MiniMacsOnTop #4StrokesSuck


  1. Ya mabey should keep the helmet complete so hes not bashing his face

  2. You don’t dip it if you don’t rip it

  3. Maybe if he buys a four stroke he can handle the power/get better

  4. Love the laugh in the voice. Kids a fan of the 2 stroke

  5. Bro is that a 2 stroke pitbike lol that thing zipping

  6. Hey that was rad I remember I had a couple get a way from me

  7. As a parent I think we as a community should remove the ground because it’s to dangerous.

  8. Lean forward out of corner when opening throttle

  9. How’s the bar it sounds like it snapped

  10. Minimac make America great Again.. none of this Katy Perry Justin Bieber crap! You got grit Kid!!! You're tough as nails

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