Monster Energy Supercross 6 Career – Part 1 – The Beginning

Welcome to Part 1 of Monster Energy Supercross Career Mode!
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00:00 Intro
01:06 Starting Career Mode
02:39 The Supercross Academy
07:59 First Qualifying Session
10:15 First Race
17:43 Second Race (Increased Difficulty)
24:08 Free Roam
25:20 Outro

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  1. Love this game but I'm horrible at corners. I have no idea
    how the other dudes online are so fast.

  2. Jeremy McGrath have 72 supercross main event wins….Dont th8nkmanyone will catch him for long time if ever.
    2 nd is Eli Tomac with 51 and JS7 with 50.then Carmichael with 48 Reed 44 and Villopoto 41…then i think is Dungey with some over 30…32 i belive.

  3. Definitely keep this game coming, I have #5 and I love it, it's just fun to play. Just like Dirt 5 is kinda cartoonish, but excellent graphics on the PS5, and a ton of fun.

  4. I still think Monster Energy Supercross 1 is the best game out of all the 6 games. In the first Monster Energy Supercross, the physics and graphics and sounds are way better.

  5. What is this auto throttle and its locked?I can't turn it off

  6. Trev, I raced team Honda for real. The best way to describe how you feel after a race is like being put in -a sack & hit with water hoses for an hour.

  7. whip physics are the shittest thing ive ever seen since facebook being created fml

  8. Here's a tip if you ever get into the riding aids you should turn joint brake off

  9. To jump further, pull the right stick back and the moment you're about to take off into the air, pull the right stick forward

  10. So glad i didnt biy this game. This is the worse physics

  11. 10:43, i feel like here im gonna get bullied. nah mate, inside lane ia where the bullies are, where u bully from.

  12. They did this with the Travis pastrana game back in like 2007 or so

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