Moto X 110: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2021

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X 110 from X Games 2021!

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  1. Kinda boring to watch but that looked so fun to do

  2. They should host a race that would be cooler

  3. Went from deegan and pastrana selling out stadiums to a couple Instagram kids on pitbikes….way to go xgames lol this was the dumbest event ever, and the little rich kid is way to hyped to win a medal on a pitbike.

  4. x games is really moving backwards. glad to see this did take off lol

  5. and i thought scotty cranmers announcing was awkward

  6. imagine this but with elecrtic sur ron dirt bike 110 pound same power that be nuts

  7. Vasilly Vladimiromanovichpertovinobogoslav says:

    It’s funny the ttr is faster than the crf hahahaha

  8. No more agressiv inline in x games ? But this is ? 🤦‍♂️

  9. I’m sorry but this is such a BORING sport lol. Only relevant to those who had the opportunity to ride themselves. The bigger ones are fun to waych

  10. Need to check out Jonatan Karlsson for the next 110 event:)

  11. Raha and Hodges are the only two that give me a little bit of the old school X Games vibe. Even with this circus event lol.

  12. we need 110 straight rhythm for next year that would be sick maybe Dungey and Villopoto would compete

  13. If I hear them say "knucklehuck" one more time…. 😤

  14. still too heavy to right side up 360 stuff it looks like.

  15. commentators look like tools wearing masks while commentating. smh

  16. We have THIS and the lame whip contest…but not inline skating. Embarrassment.

  17. This event is super sweet love it! Hopefully bring it back (with races too!)

  18. Am i the only one bothered by the fact they didn't go 2 strokes for this kind of event

  19. Mengacau hidup aq je..bkn darah daging pon…daging babi dgn daging manusia beza

  20. Lpas tu ade owg ckp berlagak?? Ape yg berlagak pon xtau…tu yg aq jadi pelik..n tertanye2…

  21. Sedang kn aq biase2 je…ilex je..coolman..

  22. Lepas tu ade owg ckp heboh..dtg dari mne pon xtau ah yg heboh sgt tu..

  23. Mmg aq brani…nk mule bergaduh ke aq ckp ko…

  24. Ko kne pham kalo owg dah benci…ko xkn pham….

  25. Aq xkn sudah slagy dye tak pindah dari sini….bg aq menyemak…pencuri

  26. Xpyah puji2..bole jln…ko pon tau ade pencuri

  27. 💫⚡🔱⚡💫 Travis Pastrana

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