Moto X 110: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2021

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X 110 from X Games 2021!

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  1. Moto X 110s Premiere was pretty sick! All fun and all, can't wait to see Raha in QuarterPipe!

  2. 110s are getting out of hand, an X Games "sport" cmon guys haha

  3. Keep the 110 races I think it would be a good idea to inspire young riders to get into the sport used to ride mtb trail and I thank bmx for the inspiration

  4. Masks when there's only two of them there and they are in Cali 🤣

  5. My cousin just tearing it up. Keep it up Axe. Teach me some that stuff when we see you in a few months

  6. At this rate, we will have Roller Blades and Scooters back in next year's event. When is the hoverboard event, guys?

  7. Loved the 50 nuts videos twitch made back in the day , so glad this wasn’t racing that would have been a bore to watch

  8. Ive been skiing for a long time, but I do gravitate towards the two wheeled side of action sports so its great to see an event like knuckle huck where these guys can relax and have some fun.

  9. I like the limited power of the 110 event. It keeps people from having to do huge tricks like double backflips 80 feet in the air.
    I think it would definitely get younger kids into Dirtbikes and motorcycles.

  10. I think axel is super talented but that ain’t his property it’s his parents. Not to take anything from him.

  11. When I heard there were going to be 110s at x games this year I thought it was going to be really stupid…….I wasn’t wrong 😑

  12. The guys are getting paid and havin fun so who cares if it’s 110’s or not I dig it

  13. You guys don't need masks… quit being woke…

  14. so, we dont have scooters nor even agressive inline, but we have this

  15. Get rid of the face diapers you look ridiculous

  16. The course need some BMX pump sections
    Get those wheels up

  17. Someone must have the Koodies if these 2 legends are wearing face masks….

  18. pretty cool event, I am very interested to enter next years comp. I think it should be a pit bike competition from 110cc-190cc or 170cc instead of just strictly 110's. Changes things up and I think its a great idea, looks like fun.

  19. This is quite odd. Bunch of grown men on child bikes doing mid range bmx tricks.. lol But, I watched it. So what do I know.

  20. Why on earth was this "freestyle" and not racing? Racing would have been so much more fun to see.

  21. They should put legs and rainbow rails too

  22. Pitbikes and BMX go hand in hand I say keep the 110 moto-x coming but next year add to it! Give us an actual race with 12-20 riders and add straight rhythm as well. Make it a whole section like everything else!!! Keep this though

  23. What just happened to the live stream???? Private video????

  24. You can go ahead and take the mask off everyone has had a chance to get the vaccine already

  25. I called this a "filler" event lol

  26. This has got to be one of the coolest events at X games that I've seen and I love it… I really want to see something like this but w/ electric bikes. 😁

  27. This was really cool to see pit bikes in X games I have a 2014 crf50 with a 108cc stroker kit it goes hard

  28. All fun and games till someone pulls a double backflip or front flip and it all changes.

  29. Why arent the bikers wearing masks. Just like the announcers 🤪🤪🤔

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