Moto X 110s: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2022

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X 110s at X Games 2022!

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  1. The summer equivalent of knucklehuck. So much fun to watch

  2. heel clickers and no handers in 2022? lol X Games is dying.

  3. Should’ve been Banks, Axel didn’t even land his three some BS like always

  4. I don’t see how you can whip those heavier 4 strokes around very well. Always found 2 strokes to be lighter and more maneuverable….a lot less effort to do the same tricks. Lighter weight allows you to maintain your endurance too🤷🙂

  5. I'm sorry this is a joke if mini bikes are next games what's next

  6. "we have the best medical staff" 5 seconds later… "youre fine walk it off"

  7. This was more fun to watch than the actual fmx event. Reminds me of the old days when the fmx course was more creative, not just huge ramps back and forth.

  8. So do you have to be like 5"3 to ride these bikes??

    What about a tall skinny guy? 6"0 160 pounds?? I'll break it???

  9. Stupidest event ever! But in all seriousness I wish Pat A speedy recovery

  10. Listen I love the content but we are in 2022 and it's not even in 1080p should be in 4k what are we doing x games?

  11. Get Well Soon Pat…. That didn't look like a big slam but it did look like he hit his head.

  12. This is way more fun to watch than all the other events from xgames.

  13. In my opinion Banksy did a better run and landed the complete run.

    Even though 360 is sick. It's not as hard if you are allowed to be there weeks before and train. Axell actually posted videos when training on doing them few weeks ago…

  14. A little disappointed he didn't make the puddle. Finest commentary known to man.

  15. I guess I'm the only one who feels pitbikes are more fun to ride then they are to watch.

  16. I legit had no idea any of this happened. Xgames what’s goin on?

  17. Banksy was the goat here. Axell slays everytime, but homie has the advantage.

  18. pit bikes rule!! pit bike straight rhythm next~

  19. Where are the Palmer Bros in this they should do it

  20. 110 should not be at x games!!! So sad!! Bring back speed and style

  21. I was initially excited for 110s thinking it would be racing but this… this ain't it.

  22. Today I just watched grown men ride and do 25 year old tricks on children’s bikes. Next week I will watch children do street tricks on 1000cc crotch rockets.

  23. Axle never had a clean run unless those 360s don’t count.

  24. outside of the backflip, this was like watching a trick contest in 1998 lol

  25. Dopest event ever it's like watching early 2000s fmx all over again

  26. This should have way more females riding. This would be perfect for female riders.

  27. The medical team was like walk it off and took a full minute to even react lol

  28. Its easy to forget about crashes when they happen so rarely.

  29. Pat bricked it hard, hope he was OK. Anyone who has dumped a bike with just a helmet knows how that feels.

  30. Banksy was the best tbh, Way more fmx tricks and style.

  31. Pastranaland pit bike championship is where it’s at… what is this garbage? Why are they taking it so seriously?!

  32. Pats crash was way worse then you realize if you watch in slow motion he over whips and his body weight push the bike down causing him to ditch and flip onto his hip then onto his neck and back he could have really been hurt.

  33. Banksy won easily in my opinion. Maybe some home court advantage for Axel??

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