Moto X 110s: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2022

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X 110s at X Games 2022!

For the full X Games 2022 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. Ride In Paradise Pat 🤙🏼 XGames won't be the same without ya

  2. u should do this on 80's and ioo's 2 strokes

  3. All the rider's should be wearing motocross gear, helmets. Pat was lucky not to slam face straight into bike or ground. Trying to look tuff won't help when crashing. Avagud1 sic competition apart from hero. Looks like kids playing around only in shoes shirt and shorts

  4. Get one. Then use your old skills making skate/BMX ramps and relive your dream.

  5. This x games discipline isn’t lasting long.

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