Moto X Best Trick: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2022

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X Best Trick at X Games 2022!

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  1. I miss the Pastrana and Twitch years. It was always something new & exciting to watch, but now it’s so boring. Every year is the same. Frontflip, and some double back variation. Laaaame

  2. Only bad part about this event is its PRIVATE so it kinda makes the riders look real stupid when the play to the crowd & there is NO CROWD!

  3. Man, it’s great to see that Monster umbrella girl again.

  4. this was real lack luster, what happened to this event?

  5. Not the x games we once knew… I was the only person in my family that was into moto x, but when the x games rolled around the whole family would sit around and love the energy that the staples center crowds would bring. Now I’m sitting in my room watching a boring competition on my phone with no energy and no passion for the sport from the riders… sad stuff

  6. X Games is DEAD; hasn't been good since the late 90's/early 00's. Red bull X-Fighters is 10x better/more exciting.

  7. Zero innovation, respect to the riders but so lame. Wish I could see all the Dislikes on this…Total Zzzzz Fest

  8. i never thought freestyle would be so boring.

  9. I may be crazy but how does the best trick winner win with just a front flip? thought some of the backflips were a little more technical

  10. O piloto patrocinado pela redbull ficava no sol, não tinha guarda sol da monster kkkkkkkkkkkkk muito bom isso

  11. Moto X hasn't evolved at all in 20 years. How depressing. I wouldn't waste resources on a dead event

  12. Why do they have girls awkwardly holding umbrellas like they are some type of servants what this was boring and hard to watch no audience members no passion no excitement this looked like a backyard tournament

  13. This is awful these were best tricks from 5 to 10years ago with all due respect.i mean where's the bike flips 540 flips body flips it's almost worst than that high jump thing they use to do

  14. This is not xgames, this is garbage, xgames died

  15. X games motocross has not evolved since 2016. Same tricks but kids working them out on technology to better perform tricks. Momentum is gone. They are great but repeating innovation

  16. No crowds,no excitement,no passion from the riders,the commentators are boring, there's no competition R.I.P X games

  17. The umbrella/trophy girls is a pretty embarrassing part of motocross. As if flipping dirt bikes in the air is not "masculine" enough for you we also have women in swimwear to hold a umbrella 😂

  18. Someone tell that drunk Austrian announcer to go take a nap. I can't even watch the start of this with that fool talking

  19. the second run from luc was way better and a real nac nac 😉

  20. all these years later and still nobody has mastered or even attempted the bikeflip

  21. Never thought I'd see a Belgian in X Games, let alone win a gold metal in best whip. Congrats to Julien, sad to see that most media attention goes to our overhyped, self-inflating football team.

  22. Have a go Sheehan! What was that? You just through in the white flag on your second run….

  23. Taka is probaly my fav from all xgames motocross he just brings the energy an love him for that ❤️😌

  24. Never thought I'd see the day when we are critiquing double backflips.

  25. Too much slaying back in 2015-2016 that no one can top what humanity has achieved so the bar is set too high

  26. You guys should put all the old events like they where live no ads or editing out of anything I want to see all the x-games from 2000 to 2014 or 2015.

  27. That double backflick no hander was way better than the front flip no footer

  28. Sheehan the only man to do a triple back to dirt out here doing Bilko's signature move at the end.

  29. I don't follow this stuff, I'm relatively new. But as far as the first tricks, why did Adelberg's trick do so much better than Vanstippen's? Vanstippen's looked a lot more difficult, and it felt like a cleaner landing.

  30. This the least inspired Best Tricks ever. Nothing new at all. This used to be the most exciting X-games event. What happened?

  31. Please replace the Australian guy/commentator who underplays rider’s amazing performances.

  32. Who is the obnoxious 2023?

  33. Taka fluid like Bruce Lee is like water

  34. I miss the stadium, the people, the lights, the night…

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