Moto X Best Trick: FULL COMPETITION | X Games California 2023

Watch the spoiler-free full competition of Moto X Best Trick at X Games California 2023!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes. Each athlete gets two runs each. Best run counts, ranked 1-8. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.

Full X Games California 2023 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. how many double backs can yall throw this year….

  2. Jackson strong should have won. Don't let these judges back again. That's crazy

  3. Too many flips and not enough creativity. Should have called it Moto X Best Flip…….

  4. i m shoxed where this sport came from its origin …big salute to all the gents and veterans of this fine sport

  5. Remember when Rick Johnson took both his hands off the bars in the air and the crowd went nuts.

  6. Unedited interview is the best!!! Mf'er Lol!!

  7. Crazy when a body Variel beats double backflip variations and a nbd frontflip cliff hanger…

  8. A front flip cliff hanger is sick another variation of a trick that was burnt out 15 or more years ago is trash so many people where doing body roll variation back in the day

  9. the power of that beautiful sound of a 2-stroke that 4-stroke is the thing that killed me as a fan of supercross

  10. X game's is a joke. After watching Jared McNeil take a sixth when he clearly was the best pulling out the sickest upsidedown whips I e ever seen. So suck it who ever is getting it under the table 🖕🖕🤮

  11. Two strokes will always be the present and future of dirt bikes period…

  12. E bike may be the future for this as they only ride for 20 seconds.

  13. People saying the new FF should have beat the varial its not just the same one that was done almost 20yrs ago it was a variation and the letting gonfor so long while also basically stalling his body rotation for so long before landing that got the high score. It was the style/flair of it not just the trick ot looked insane. The cliffy front is incredible but without slowmo it looks sloppy with slow mo it looks impossible. But I think they got it right. Only 1 pt difference and the innovation won today.

  14. Cliffhanger front flip should have won. 🤯

  15. What their calling the corruthers I thought was named the huck-a-chuck

  16. My son helped put all the ramps and displays together. I live in Sweden now, so it's great to see home. The El bike is pronounced v-ah-r eee, it means wolf in Swedish. I just put together two at a shop I work for this past week. Great job to all the athletes.

  17. Is moto x freestyle no longer apart of x games?

  18. Definitely Not good look on the electric bike …I hope they paid u well to ride that garbage . Please do t promote ev bikes that's gonna ruin the sport

  19. those two girls wearing monster crop tops are making the face of someone in a hostage videos throughout the whole broadcast.
    like why are they even there? who is that for?

  20. How does a clean double back get an 81.33 but a sketchy landing with an over rotation gets an 86? I don't remember the judges being this off when I watched xgames as a kid.

  21. buddy at 22:22 moving the boxes seems like sabotage!!! These riders have been practicing and performing with the boxes as they are and this camera dude comes in just before the final runs and starts moving things around. Keep that guy off the course next year

  22. Vive David Rinaldo , vive Fontcouverte

  23. You reckon the fake smilers faces cramp up after one of these?

  24. Lol. Every one "ohhh stark varg electric bike oooooo aaaaahhhh." how quickly they forget about the Alta. Stark is here now but will be gone tomorrow just as quick as alta…

  25. It's crazy that we live in a time where a double backflip isn't even good enough for first place. Mind blowing how the sport has progressed, but the judging hasn't.

  26. That dude, that one in the red has the strongest core because you need a strong core to be in this sport

  27. The monster girls faces gotta hurt by the end of the day lol

  28. So they made it easier for them to land i see this is gonna get boring

  29. I can’t believe they don’t land on dirt anymore! It takes away so much from the sport.

  30. He shouldn't have gotten gold for that the cliff hanger front flip is insane

  31. I think there was one of the best comments from a commentator I've heard IMHO. "You pay for the whole seat but you only use the edge!!!"

  32. How stupid do they look when the production guys give them their can of Monster to advertise it's too pathetic and ridiculous we can see that it's forced the riders themselves are trying to thinking what I'm doing is ridiculous

  33. Inspiração mano 🙌👏👏👏👏👏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟

  34. Man I remember when this was inside the arena and packed. X Games is never going to be what it was

  35. This show is done…Dont waste your time here Pages do better in less than 4 min !

  36. アメージング!❤ここに残っている東野応援したい!!

  37. All girls should get into the sport of FMX freestyle motocross

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