Moto X Best Trick: FULL COMPETITION | X Games California 2023

Watch the spoiler-free full competition of Moto X Best Trick at X Games California 2023!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes. Each athlete gets two runs each. Best run counts, ranked 1-8. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.

Full X Games California 2023 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. Xgames has become such a letdown. First no helmets in some of the other sports, now they actually got DIRTbikes riding and landing on pavement, yeah real safe guys, brilliant. Whoever is at the top needs to get a clue.

  2. Too bad Sheehan got demoted for riding the Varg, and got screwed out of a medal. His double back no-hander was MUCH cleaner than Archers.🫤


  4. How does a sketch double backflip score higher than a clean one?

  5. I love the body varial tricks! I'm just curious, what ever happened to the 360 stuff that was done decades ago? That was cool too.

  6. Huh a 2004 trick beats a frontflip cliffhanger? I disagree

  7. A trick that won on 2004; and after that Kyle Loza took this event forever and ever.

  8. Adrenaline to the maximum! Skill,timing and balance out the gate mate!!😳😳 more please!!😮😮😂

  9. Sounds n smells as part of what we love with dirt bikes.. ev is trash.. imho, cool to have at the house as part of the garage but that’s about it.

  10. How we really feeling about the landing not being dirt tho 🤔

  11. A trick that has been done before won over a brand new trick… Strong's was new and arguably far more dangerous. They messed up on this one.

  12. Out da gaaate bra Takka with the angels all air no bike

  13. Sheehan com aquela BOSTA de bicicleta elétrica, vsf! Deveria ser proibido.

  14. Was there no Moto X Freestyle this year? That's my favorite. Best trick is still cool but I love seeing them put an entire run together

  15. Moto riders check in… are you okay with this comp taking place to resi? I will default to your opinion.

  16. David's mouth and teeth will be broken next ride that was wicked wrong for him to say and not professional speech and tube should have edited it and x games should not let that language go public

  17. I'm so happy they're back in cali.. I'm not from there or live there but i just think it belongs there.. it's like the home of x games and gravity games.. I'll never forget those days..i was so little then. Pastrana jumping into the ocean. I think it should remain in cali except for maybe special one offs… or do one on the east cost every year too. It's America we can have too.. tell all the riders and competitor's of you win both you're the national champ lol

  18. What happened to 360 variations, backflip body Varials?? I feel like Moto x freestyle has gone downhill… these landing are also lame…

  19. Moto x was always my favorite I still remember the flyin Hawaiian, if u remember him your old now too 😂

  20. I wonder why nobody is riding an apollo for x games 😂

  21. 6:43 if you have to practice a trick at Travis pastranas house you know it’s dangerous lol

  22. uhh…lemme guess. the guy is going to do a backflip. no? oh ok then a double backflip? yep

  23. A sketchy double backflip takes first spot? Lol who’s judging this….that’s lame

  24. Archer got third with that landing? Looks clumsy and scored way too high. Who were the judges, his drinking buddies

  25. I’m feeling a “Surprise, Surprise MF, guess whose back” graphics kit 😂

  26. These judges are a joke! X games are garbage now days!

  27. Electric bike? Sorry I’m have to call ya a p*ssy

  28. The sweet sound a dirt bike makes is what really grabbed my attention I was 5 yrs old . What I'm trying to say is I'm just not a fan of a electric dirt bike and theat goes for super or hyper cars as well . Some ppl go cow tippin I like car alarm trippin

  29. We’re tired of the same rock solid backflip taka has been doing since 2017

  30. anyone else notice how jacko literally headbutted his bars right when he hit the brakes to get a faster rotation? Crazy freestyle has gotten that in depth to pull off a trick. May even have the brakes grabbing a little since he can't hold them. Absolutely INSANE.

  31. Did a double backflip just get 5th? What is this wourld?

  32. So sick and tired with flips winning the best trick so I’m so stoked seeing Rinaldo win with the legendary trick

  33. Hmmm… I've seen that gorgeous dark skinned monster girl before! Like if you know what I'm talking about!

  34. What has become…that a new straight body varial beats a cliffhanger front flip & a no handed double back flip?

  35. I'm in love with that blonde Monster babe. Marry me?

  36. Anything electric other than hand tools is 🤮

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