Moto X Best Trick: FULL COMPETITION | X Games California 2023

Watch the spoiler-free full competition of Moto X Best Trick at X Games California 2023!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes. Each athlete gets two runs each. Best run counts, ranked 1-8. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.

Full X Games California 2023 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. Taka been doing the same exact trick for the last like 5 years

  2. that was the best X Games best trick event in a long time

  3. It's a shame Adelberg's injury. Maybe he would have brought something genuinely new 😢

  4. taka does the same trick every fuckin year

  5. Never seen a worse x games setup. Guys are throwing down but have absolutely no room to land whatsoever

  6. Seems everyone afraid to whip them 2023 quality tricks. I mean come on doubles been around since like forever ago 😅

  7. Thank god it wasn’t a front flip no hander that won this year

  8. electric isnt the future of anything. other than giving yoru rights to drive away.

  9. Awesome night. Congrats to all the boys!

  10. So much for USA. I guess we just host the events these days. Boooooooooo! Booooooooo!
    Jacko was robbed

  11. Finally a good best trick… been a long time since Ive seen awesome tricks

  12. how many years will taka continue doing the same jump…

  13. Taka Higashino fez tricô, crochê??muito injusto esses juizes🇧🇷🇧🇷

  14. those stark vargs should be banned, dumbest idea ive seen in awhile. look up the mining on a ev battery all done by gas and diesel. if that thing was to go on fire its border line impossible to get put out

  15. Bring back Step Up, Speed and Style, Super moto, Supercross and Rally X. And all Snowmobile events in Winter X!!!

  16. Aussies dominating competition numbers

  17. There’s no reason for taka to be chillin that low…. My guy needs to step his game up, he’s too talented

  18. Glad to finally see a commentator again that can be critical and not all rainbows and sunshine

  19. Electric might be good but 2bangas rule still as winning runs showed. Can't beat the sound and feel of a 2stroke. Blokes are going all out putting it on the line. People don't realise the practice, crashes and injuries they go through to get out infront of crowds, launching hardest tricks straight away, crashing and getting back up for another run. Respect to all these hardcore legends. I've smashed myself so much I can hardly walk or stand properly always in bad pain. Only thing that keeps me going is chucking my gear on and out in the bush/sanddunes with mates rippin around on my te300. Takes it out of me as crash abit trying jumps I know I shouldn't at 43yrs and injured bad from doing same stuff. Can't help it when perfect lip is infront of you. Make 95% but always get caught out. I suppose if it was easy, safe and boring no one would ride or watch it. Abit like knitting. Avagud1. Josh ya looking bit scruffy wish that bush. Jarred here I road with you and Kirk/Kirt at Phil's(Phloppy's tracks near Beverley years ago. You took me off my first ever massive rhythm doubles on track there. I was on yz125 you were on 450, I made first double and jumped off side off second as shat myself, over 80-90+ feet crazy kicking jumps. What's weight like on Electric

  20. Taka does the same trick every single time. I mean it’s a insane trick but gotta mix it up!

  21. I was going to say that they should switch to front flip ramps w/mechanical kickers and/or softer landings or stop having this event — compare this to what you see at the Nitro World Games FMX best trick (triple backflips, double frontflip, rock solid frontflip, and more) and it's not close — but Rinaldo and Jacko both brought great tricks this year, super awesome to see.

  22. Dumb question but why aren’t they doing freestyle this year?

  23. So awesome to watch, can’t wait to see in person

  24. I’m sorry but there is no way Jayo’s wonky and nearly crashed double got 86. That had to have been a scoring error.

  25. Backflips killed this event.. not the same everybody only does backflip varuations… needs the next evolution

  26. "the electric bike rotates better"
    *immediately under rotates. Electric hypocrisy on full display haha.

  27. Better judging! Tech and NBDs need to be respected just as much as double backflips and front flips.

  28. jacko hasnt been at x games in like 10 years

  29. Awesome to see so many Aussie’s in best trick.

  30. Fantastic comp! Every XGames comp I have watched so far was unreal and beyond exciting (both real streets, both megapark, bmx street, skate vert, and now this)

  31. I love Josh Sheehans goggles are a Pipe company and he's riding an electric.

  32. Xgames has become such a letdown. First no helmets in some of the other sports, now they actually got DIRTbikes riding and landing on pavement, yeah real safe guys, brilliant. Whoever is at the top needs to get a clue.

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