Moto X Best Trick: FULL COMPETITION | X Games California 2023

Watch the spoiler-free full competition of Moto X Best Trick at X Games California 2023!

How medal event is judged:
1 heat of 8 athletes. Each athlete gets two runs each. Best run counts, ranked 1-8. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.

Full X Games California 2023 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. Love the Pat Casey gloves. The perfect tribute.

  2. It was incredible to see the carolla for the first time in 20 years

  3. All girls should get into the sport of FMX freestyle motocross

  4. 大会だから仕方がないけど、もっと色んなトリックみたいなー

  5. They no longer have to do back flips. It’s so old now that it’s nothing to really see. If you look at the beauty of a jump the whips are so cool to watch. No need anymore to break your back and lived paralyzed.

  6. The real tricks everyone wants to see are on the ground. Look at tricks they do in gymnastics as well as ice skating and do them on a bike. Create your own. It’s possible with lots of practice

  7. Taka Higashino doesn't pull the most crazy tricks, but I love watching him he's always clean and stylish, one of the best.

  8. How did Archer's double backflip score higher than Richards'? They both did the same trick and Archer's was cleaner.

  9. Erasmo E. Real
    United States of America

  10. RIP Jayo, looking back at this now is surreal

  11. If you ever feel useless just remember there are like 5 girls who get paid to stand still. lol!!!!!!!!

  12. Glad Rinaldos interview was kept unbleaped. I laughed hard when he said that

  13. Loved the innovation this year. It’s great to see after all the years of front flip no handers winning. Feels like moto is truly back at x games.

  14. Got to miss Thomas Pages a little bit, but so nice to see them throwing down some innovations again 💯

  15. 19 year old trick beats a boosted 75ft cliff frontie. Not saying I don’t like Ronaldo’s trick more but it is interesting. Bring back freestyle!

  16. imagine just being paid to stand there and smile fully clueless just because you look good lol

  17. Built like a brick supermarket… haha, the clean one for broadcast

  18. Pretty sure a cliff frontflip is a little more technical then a roll…

  19. Best trick been the same for the past 10 years lol sport hasn't evolved at all

  20. Glad it isn't still just flip to win. Beauty

  21. in 2023 seeing women just standing there and smiling for the show is weird. I think this needs ti be gone. No one is hiring men to smile for hour straight in women's contest

  22. Стронг должен быть первым !

  23. show can MONSTER AFFORD to sponsor every Athlete on the planet 😂. Does anyone know if monster makes any Money off their their athlete’s or do they must use then as promo to sell more monster

    Monster literally sponsors everything

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