Moto X Freestyle: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2021

Watch the spoiler-free, full competition of Moto X Freestyle from X Games 2021!

Progression at its finest! X Games is your premier destination for all things action sports, music, lifestyle and everything in between.

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  1. If I lived in Australia I think I would just stay in the states. The 14 day quarantine when returning home would suck

  2. Commentators, you are incompetent, this kind of sport is so rotten to comment on, it must be finished, sit in armchairs while the guys do incredible things and mutter under your breath, instead of yelling how cool it is.

  3. Nice to see some 2021 xgames…,,word……New Zealand 🇳🇿,,,Christmas day …25th dec,,saturday… 28°C ??!! South Auckland….🤯😷. . … …. ….. . .. … . ..

  4. Hopefully the next few courses are outdoors also

  5. Not been able to watch x games for a few years now crazy to see how it’s changed. Also weird to watch Fmx without hearing a crowd cheering

  6. 20:40 Tình yêu của em dành cho anh như iốt vậy, không cần xúc tác nhưng vẫn thăng hoa

  7. Please change your name to Awesome Games.

  8. 14:10 Không mơ cổ tích hoang đường. Chỉ mơ giấc mộng đời thường có anh.

  9. 23:48 Anh thì rất yêu đời, và cũng rất yêu em

  10. 🎉🎉🎉ยอดเยี่ยมครับผม

  11. Imagine the drone hitting one of them mid air 😂 I’m sure that thing flying around is messing with them so bad

  12. kinda sad this is becoming such a boring event to watch, the tricks are ridiculous, but the announcers have zero energy, the course despite being so big these riders are taking ages to get to the jumps..

  13. Ackerman‘s 360s are the most stylish thing I’ve ever seen on a dirt bike.

  14. These people are super Impressive at what they do. But I'm sick of it being called anything to do with motocross ' they are using motocross bikes for stunt riding ' stunts are not motocross.

  15. honestly tired of backflipps. Who else remebers the old Kiss of death looing like a ruler.

  16. poor fella on his first run. Thats got to smart.

  17. My heart broke for ben on that first trick. full commitment and so close but didn't get a good rotation. Also need to say, its absolutely bonkers that a rock solid backflip is just another trick in a run now

  18. Съёмка ужасная.Такое ощущение, что операторов просто из прохожих набрали, а камеры наугад расставили.

  19. Dont get how Bink got in the bushes.. The engine was screaming, something locked?

  20. Молодцы красиво👍👍👍🤘

  21. I wonder if anyone is sponsored by Redbull.. I don't know. They could have water in those cans lol

  22. Gratulation, Luc👏 Erster deutscher X-Games-Teilnehmer und dann auch noch Gold! 👍

  23. Dumb question, but why on earth did the riders not have the time to warm up??

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