Moto X Quarterpipe High Air: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Minneapolis 2019

Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the entire Moto X Quarterpipe High Air event that just went down LIVE at X Games Minneapolis 2019.


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  7. Did someone pay that one guy not to even try at all?

  8. I dont know how these guys ride away from that kind of air

  9. Why did Josh Hill participate in this challenge?? Smh.. Seems as if he was trying to get the shortest jump! 🤔🤦🏼‍♂🤣

  10. X games has really lost touch with the fans. They have forgotten why Xgames was so big in 90s. Anyone could show up, tryout, and maybe make it on TV. No money in their pockets, only a skateboard, bmx, and a dream. As a kid, I could easily relate. Watch a neat trick, then go outside and try the same trick in my backyard. How could a kid possibly relate to this event? As an adult I couldnt even afford to try this, much less a 12 year old kid. I guarantee the X games wont even exist in another 5 years. Lost touch.

  11. Why was josh Hill in this event, there must be others that can actually compete

  12. Why is josh hill taking spots from dudes who actually wanna compete

  13. How come they don't show them all from the wide/long view?
    I would like to see them All from the wide long view 🙏🏾

  14. no tricks = boring…you see one, you have seen all…

  15. You showed Axle while talking About Colby…

  16. Is there any way to reverse the turn in the air instead going left somehow jump up the same way but then go to the right

  17. Raha actually hit his chain with his boot at the top otherwise might've held on

  18. wth is Hill even doing in the competition, he's nowhere near the same league as these other guys

  19. Why is there nobody there watching this

  20. Skip to the end of the video, 19 or so minutes in. You won't be disappointed… this was dreadfully boring but also incredibly entertaining if you cut it down to about a 1 minute watch.

  21. Are these heights measured from the lip or the base?

  22. Considering the clock still runs while they're calculating the height, I think this should be a round base competition and not a time-based

  23. ay quá Phúc ơi, nổi cả da gà luôn nè, thấm vào từng mạch máu

  24. Seems like Hill didn't understand the assignment…

  25. My three year old daughter asks to listen to this every single night when I put her to bed. We lay together and listen to the beautiful music and the peaceful rain. She has never been able to stay awake long enough to hear the music after 5 minutes. It knocks her out every single time. Whenever she gets a boo boo or gets really upset about something she always asks to listen to it and f

  26. What a great event it's too bad it's being showcased in a liberal City

  27. That josh guy doesn't understand the comp….smh

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