Moto X QuarterPipe High Air: HIGHLIGHTS | X Games 2022

Watch the spoiler-free, recap highlights of Moto X QuarterPipe High Air at X Games 2022!

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  1. (X games this is just a joke)Not as high as 70 ft In Mx vs atv(Seriously it’s just a joke)

  2. Maybe X Games can pay to have the pins removed from his ankle

  3. Yall suck for only live streaming it on Espn BS. Live stream it here on youtube!

  4. Insane is all I can say, well done colby👍🏁

  5. Can Colby and axel just throw out an edit from the hills now. They need to be buds. They are dominating the sport

  6. Man this is sketchy. Bit disappointed creed didn't get it but Raja I'd on another level. If I remember Corey was doing a 180 on Instagram on a quarter pipe at one point

  7. Check RAHA “slayer” jersey haha think he likes the band? Or is it a shot at Axel’s “slay” hahah slayer of slay grounds they both are dope.

  8. At @4:30 on those side-by-side shots would've been nice if the camera guy just left the camera alone on a tripod you can tell it's at a slightly different angle I'm not implying that there's like anything nefarious obviously it just be dope if you could see them from the exact same angle and they're slightly different if you look at them closely they need like just a tripod cam next time for the side-by-side shot that doesn't move I don't know maybe I'm just nitpicking but can definitely tell both are from a slightly different angle

  9. Am I the only one how had to pull the couch Cushions out of the rear end because the pucker factor is so high while watching this video lol

  10. Raha doesn’t need Red Bull to give him wings, he and the boys “SAFETY MEETINGS” seem to be working just fine! I guess the old saying “don’t drink and drive, but rather SMOKE AND FLY” is shown to be spot on! Lol

  11. Beat him on his own jump he gets to hit all the time… impressive!

  12. Imagine somebody jumping and landing on the jumping ramp 😂

  13. McNeil is a badass but I don’t get why he keeps trying quarter pipe

  14. The motocross announcer is so bad. He seems bored and has no energy. The other commentator is good but the guy is supposed to be the expert in MX should not be used again.

  15. It’s good to see Axel and Colby getting along, two badass dudes from different backgrounds 🤘 if they did a couple videos together that would be dope

  16. I wish they showed it as height above the top of the quarter and not height above the ground.

  17. I had no idea this event existed, terrifying!

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