Motocross MONSTROSITY! | MXGP 21

We make a legendary return to 2 wheels for the first time in forever in MXGP 21, checking out a world-tour of tracks and drivers, and showing them the ways of the terminator…(aka how to injure yourself and look moronic).
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Video Creator: Ed Soundhead
Editor: Ed Soundhead


  1. Hey is there a way to do the classic cars in wreckfest at talledega

  2. Who needs bike racing when you can do couch racing in Wreckfest 😜

  3. I can't believe they wouldn't let you drive it off the roof

  4. i enjoy any game you play , its so much fun

  5. Yo Ed Stop Ducking Me

  6. As someone who rides bikes , use your rear break more to slide sharper corners and keep your rpms up to blast into straights

  7. Do more of this game it is awesome you got me on wreckfest now i am interested in this from you but want to see more.. Thanks so much for sharing I love seeing what the game is before I buy it and not many out there like you on youtube land!!

  8. I don't know if I've seen someone struggle so much on the rookie setting. You did make it entertaining though.

  9. soundhead can you do another pinball+gravity

  10. honestly watching him win with cairoli is fitting

  11. I still was laughing so hard your commentary during your races are hilarious

  12. Well as a Olsen you would automatically have hole status

  13. I was literally dying and when I saw this this is the best Eddie southhead Entertainment I've ever watched thank you Add

  14. Yo!!!! The twisted tea incident happened 5 minutes from my house!!!!😂😂 that guy became a local legend bhahahaha

  15. Ed should do a collab with Graystillplays

    Change my mind

  16. Games looking better and better. 💪🔥

  17. This reminds me of the time i used to play the original MXGP on the xbox 360(which i currwntly have).
    Its good to see it's been remade and played by my favourite man , Ed

  18. you seem to enjoy motobike racing,why don't try motogp

  19. Thank you. I needed a good laugh. You had me cryin' there. Too funny. Thanks again.

  20. We need a face cam xD id love to see his reactions

  21. Brett Farves long lost cousin (Feb-vr-e) and sewer is (see-wer) lol but your freakin for a international war criminal wanted on 7 continents

  22. You should do more videos on this game. By the way i love your videos.

  23. The graphics are great but overall this game looks dreadful to play, Ed's commentary is fantastic!

  24. Idk why but you sound like an actual racing narrator doing a hilarious commentary on each racing sessions that always end on a catastrophe.

  25. he checking the suspensin of the bike ben walter

  26. This game is interesting. What is it called?

  27. i have watched this video so many times and i always end up in tears laughing 😂 such gold

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