The evolution of MOTOCROSS video games since 1983.

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  1. motorstorm pacific rift, trials, FUEL and MUD FIM were my childhood go to racing games… man they were all so good

  2. Put literally the most bot clip of max vs arc legends

  3. Faltou um dos melhores games de motocross ja feitos o MTM MOTOTRAX!!!!!

  4. Supercross 2000 was the monster energy supercross 5 of its time. Graphics and all lol

  5. Supercross 2000 was the first MX game i ever played & i played TF outta it.. i still listen to most of the songs from it too, to this day hahahaha that was the game where Mike Metzger & Brian deegan became my favorite riders to. I was always metz & my cuz was always Deegan hahaha

  6. Falto Supercross circuit creo que así era . Lo jugaba en Playstation one

  7. MX vs atv unleashed es mi favorito 😍 me trae muchos recuerdos y las canciones eran otro rollo

  8. Incredible how everything looks like absolute garbage compared to MX Bikes.

  9. MX v ATV Untamed and Reflex. Franchise went downhill afterwards

  10. I still play the 1983 one with my Sony surround system turnt all the way up!i love that game!!

  11. Mx sim was made in 2008 and in 2023 it’s one of the best and most realistic games

  12. Mx sim was made in 2008 and in 2023 it’s one of the best and most realistic games

  13. DirtTrax FX was my jam for a long time. 🤌🤘

  14. Нечего не изменилось вообще

  15. RC in 99 was the best decent soundtrack to . Growing up in 90s ruled 😆

  16. So many memories! I grew up on excitebike and kickstart 2. Motocross madness was so fun with the greyscale track creator. Elasto mania i remember under a different name. There were a lot of fun pc games like that. Mid 00s they started to figure out more of the dynamics.

  17. What! It feel like yesterday I was playing trials hd and fusion

  18. Von Anfang bis Ende sehr holzige Grafik, sehr enttäuschend😢

  19. Great video. Have played so many and never realized it. Supercross 2000 with Jeff Emig was such a cool game, but the MX vs ATV series won my heart. Just a quick note on the "Yamaha Supercross" title, you put 2000 and i do not believe this game was released then. Quick google search says 2008, what gave it away for me was the "YZ450F" toughblocks. That model wasnt rrleased til 2005 so very unlikely they were promiting it in 2000 when they were in the YZ400F/YZ426F era.

  20. Didn’t include supercross circuit one of the best

  21. Motocross madness 2 was ahead of it's time in graphics compared to others that year👍👌

  22. Rad video bro, Didn't see Motocross Madness in there? Play many an hour of MX vs ATV Unleased lol

  23. Mx unleashed , mx vs atv untamed and mx vs atv reflex you had the perfect games why did you go backwards after reflex!! Also what track is that on the reflex part!

  24. Played MX vs ATV reflex, then Supercross, then Supercross 5. The quality difference was insane

  25. Anybody remember a gem called Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross? I bought it with my birthday money when I was like 8, what a waste…

  26. Mx bikes is great, bruh got a clip of walnut tho lmao, really easy, flat track

  27. It's questionable to not include Offroad Fury, but to leave those games out while including MotorStorm and Trials games is the phattest slap in the face. I guess to the public "motocross games" = "dirt bike games," but ATV ORF is more motocross than many of these games and deserves to be mentioned among the best.

    Also, Moto Racer blew my mind when it came up at 1:50. Wow!

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