The evolution of MOTOCROSS video games since 1983.

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  1. Motocross madness from 2013 will always be the best of all of these

  2. The nes one isn’t called motocross it’s exitebike

  3. There's no argument that the UK invented the sport!

  4. Woahh wtff??? 1997 moto racer had sum accurate physics and features 😮😮😮

  5. Mx bikes did not come out in 2021

  6. Mx unleashed and mx rider ps2 was great
    Mx vs atv was also very good
    I enjoyed these games so much

  7. Motocross is definitely brings back memories I still play to this day

  8. MX Nitro: Unleashed? Motocross Madness 1,2 and Trials – TBOTB

  9. ExiteBike for Nintendo was the best MX game hands down

  10. U forget the old real bikes when we was driving somehow RM usual 😂

  11. Monster energy supercross this for free from psPlus ok i play 10hours all the rest are bulsh…* bro.Even in jail i don't kill my time with game's like all the other's (we play some fifa when they send us to rular prison 😂😅

  12. Today, a video to show you the evolution of motocross games since 1983. Feel free to list the games that have been forgotten and say which one is your favorite.

  13. My favourite has to be MX vs ATV Untamed for the Wii. Has a soundtrack and courses that give you that nostalgia and summer vibes

  14. Great video, a couple that I was missing: stadium cross and motocross go (both arcade), championship motocross 2001 (ps1), supercross 2001 (ps1), and the great supercross circuit (ps1)

  15. ♥️ 70 CM ZURNA DÜRÜM - DUL AVCISI 🌯 says:


  16. Missing:
    Freestyle Metal X-Midway Sports Asylum
    SX Superstar-AKA Acclaim
    Motocross Mania 2- Gotham Games

  17. 🏍️Motocross is a cross-country racing on motorcycles!
    Supercross is a motorcycle race held in a stadium on a dirt track having hairpin turns and high jumps!

  18. Freestyle Motocross is a sport of motocross in which motorcycle riders attempt to impress judges with jumps & stunts!
    They competed at the X-Games, Gravity Games, Dew Action Sports Tour and other FMX competitions!

  19. 🏍️Motocross is an extreme sport!
    It also competes in the Big Air competition!

  20. Enduro racer and Kikstart 2 the best for the C 64

  21. I thought I saw Excite Bike in the second one

  22. The first one sounds like a fucking fly with motorcycle

  23. Championship Motorcross: Featuring Ricky Charmicheal and Motorstorm were some great games!

  24. Excellent video! MX vs ATV is my favorite video game license, Reflex and Untamed are the best 😍I really liked Trials Fusion too, difficult but so fun 😊

  25. Moto racer 1 started with legit physics, then mx02 feat RC then mx unleashed held best physics for console games to this day. Finally mx bikes is the best in my opinion. You also forgot “Supercross Circuit”

  26. In 1998 Motocross Madness was way aheqd of it's time.
    Ricky Carmichael 99 had the best Soundtrack ever thanks to MTV. And ofcourse in 2006, Motorstorm was the very first game that deserved to be called nextgen game. None of the games in this video ever got us exited like Motorstorm.

  27. Mx vs ATV was always fun. I really went deep into Trials though once Fusion released on PS4. I’ve got a few uploads of Trials, ninjas, diamond times etc.

  28. I grew up on mx vs atv and atv off-road fury 2 but MXGP has a hold on me rn!

  29. First game I played was Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross World. Crazy how far they came.

  30. MX Bikes is miles better than every other game on here. Crazy how many garbage arcade MX games there've been over the years. Except Excitebike 64, that's the one that got arcade moto right.

  31. To me, ATV Offroad Fury 4 will always be the best motocross game or games with Motocross in it.

  32. I just opened the video to a dirt bike shitting in my ears

  33. Mx unleashed and mx vs Atv unleashed was the best

  34. Mx bikes was released on the 7th October 2019 not 2021

  35. so Mx bikes was released on steam on October 7, 2019 but you could buy it on the site directly from mx bikes, the game was released and has existed since 2013 after the exact date I couldn't give it

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