Mx Bikes in VR is awesome!! hope you guys enjoy the video!
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  1. Thanks for the track shout out! Nice video. Look like fun!!

  2. How do you get speed for the 797 gap and is it still possible in beta 17

  3. im currious does these guys even ride real bikes?

  4. The shaking drives me crazy when your sitting still

  5. Does it work for an oculus quest 2 with a link cable?

  6. I have always had the issue where my left eye is flipped in game…. Did you have any problem with that or have a fix? It’s only mx bikes

  7. Been playing mxbikes VR for a while and you just put words onto why i think its better in vr than any other view (3rd, 1rst)

  8. When I click open with oculus my mx bikes does not open. Please help

  9. on my quest 2 i have 2 bikes showing when i try to play in VR can anyone help?

  10. tbh, I have had a VR headset since way before I started playing MXB last year & I have never played it in VR.
    This is the first good review of using VR in the game I have seen yet & I really gotta check it out now!

    I will record my first experience & try to find out how to tweak either the in-game FOV or the recording one to make it look nicer 🙂

  11. I have an oculus rift and this game looks really fun for when I cant use my real bike, do you use vr controllers or what do you use to control it?

  12. Are you using a joystick or your VR controllers? I'm trying to set up my quest 2 hand controllers but no dice until now

  13. How do you hook up vr for mx bikes? I have on oculus quest 2 and want to try please lmk

  14. How do I fix it if my controller keep disconnecting when I crash so I have to restart my game and this only happens when I crash

  15. How do you get it I seched it but nothing is there

  16. what vr headset that is affordable do u recommend just for like pc

  17. Do you actual use the vr controllers or like a keyboard or controller when in vr??

  18. 1.1 FOV ratio..looks incredible . So much better than all the stretched FOV on most MX bikes video where it looks like they are doing 150mph..

  19. I triedn looking for it in vr please tell me the name in vr bc is it free or nah and i can't find it

  20. I have an oculas quest two, I have the link cable but whenever I load into mx bikes it just has a box saying wait on it anyone got any advice

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