Mx Bikes in VR is awesome!! hope you guys enjoy the video!
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  1. Just got done playing mxbikes in vr i might play again in 2 hours

  2. it doesnt let me open mx bikes in vr mode it just doesnt give me option

  3. just started this game in vr and never getting off it

  4. How pls tut i cant get it to work in vr

  5. Is this on quest 2 and is it called mx bikes

  6. I tried the game first time I LOVED IT THANKS!!❤❤

  7. What fr do u play this on like oculus quest 2 or something I really need it

  8. Is this on quest? And can you play friends online?

  9. I love the rodeo video there so fun to watch

  10. Yo i have a question do you know how to fix my bikes If the game think my controller is a Xbox 360 controller?

  11. I no I have committed on this video a lot but I what to sat that I don’t have a pc to play mx bike but I injoy your videos so much

  12. Wait so do you have to still use a controller or can you use the vr controllers and also your videos make my face light up every time you upload

  13. Yo I am pretty sure that you can go in vr on a quest 2 in mx bikes,I have a quest 2 they are so good for £300

  14. Looks like fun but money don’t grow on trees lol 😂

  15. yo VR looks soooo sick! steezy vid dude! tracks looks sick too, you have the link?

  16. Yo can you get a vid of you showing us how to set it up?

  17. Bro love the vids keep up the good work brother you’ll be at 100k in no time

  18. love the vids man always looking forward to them!

  19. I really enjoy your content I love riding dirt bikes and watching supercross but do t have a pc to play I would love to play this but great work love the vids keep it up

  20. nice! is it possible to do this on an oculas quest 2?

  21. ANOTHER BANGER!!!! i love watching you play this game, you got some sick flow even in vr. keep up the work man!

  22. The way you play in VR is almost better then the normal gameplay😂

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