“MX Bikes is a realistic motocross simulator” – #shorts

“MX Bikes is a realistic motocross simulator” – #shorts


  1. Have you seen mx sims 💀 I dont want yo ass to be talkin

  2. Ain’t nobody ever said it was a crash simulator 🤷‍♂️

  3. I do this in real life every time I case a jump…

  4. Nawl fr looks about right, Just imagine if he let Go of the Bike 😂

  5. I do find it funny how sim when you “fall” your character is still attaches to the saddle lmao

  6. i did that one irl only haters will say it is fake

  7. If you see someone hitting that corner not pinned, you already know the outcome because I absolutely want that jump gone.

  8. something very close to that actually happend to me. I broke my ankle but it still happened

  9. I do this twice every morning just before going to school

  10. If was like reflex it’d be betterrrrr

  11. ok then you have 2 years to make more realistic game and better at handling and stuff

  12. still better than any mx vs atv game released in the past 10 years…

  13. You were never gonna land that triple anyway

  14. Bro wdym this happens everyday in the track

  15. I mean, if you were glued onto the bike, the bike was unable to take damage and all your movements were script-based instead of physics-based, this is prob what would happen 😁

  16. i had that bike in mx bikes and it kickes me off ?

  17. Jo da flieg ich auch immer hin zum kotzen😅😂

  18. It’s not realistic in any aspect especially not the graphics

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