MX vs ATV Supercross Encore! – Gameplay/Walkthrough – Part 3 – Vegas Baby!

I wanted to check out the first person view a little bit more in MX vs ATV Supercross Encore. I definitely think it is much improved from the original game. So this time, we check out a race from Las Vegas, sit the gate, and throw down some laps in helmet cam view! I have checked out some outdoor nationals as well, and have found a few tracks that aren’t to bad as far as being able to ride and not having huge framerate drop. If you want to see those and you enjoyed this video, make sure to pound down on the LIKE button or leave me a COMMENT letting me know!

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This is MX vs ATV Supercross Encore for the Playstation 4! There are over 35 tracks in the extended version of the original MX vs ATV Supercross! Only the Encore version features brand new Rhythm Racing mode, extra outdoor National tracks, and exclusive Waypoint races in open world maps! Supercross Encore for the Playstation 4 brings remastered HD graphics and sound, better online gameplay, and an updated riding physics for full control. In this version of the game, there is all new gear and graphics kits to choose from, over 60 professional riders, more than 80 licensed motocross companies for authenticity, and a comprehensive tutorial section with tips for newcomers from the pros!



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  1. Are you good at the turns, because I’m not😃

  2. Tcdthxhgfxytdxyfdxygddtuedsyerxufdxhdfx

  3. I have this game and are you playing on a PS3 that’s what I play on 👌🏻

  4. Yeah it's funny I can only ride first person view as well in all out but this one I can only play the nornal way

  5. Youre bike is way faster but mine has better stads

  6. Jumps looking not Real you would crash and lot more

  7. 🤯😭😭🤐🤐😭😷😷😷😖😷😷😷👻💩😭💩😭😈😈🤬😷😈😢

  8. When u did part 1 the bike had a lot of power and Suspension🤯

  9. i’m hoping i get mxgp pro for my birthday

  10. Do u ride dirt bikes cause I have a 2009 Yamaha 125L
    I skipped a 65cc and 85cc not a 110cc and now I have 125cc

  11. How do you change first person I want it to like where you see the back

  12. Can't believe this was 6 years ago bro I was watching him since a kid

  13. The first MX Unleash was the best! Ghost Racing was insane…. I would always improve my lines and times.

  14. This is probably one of my favorite shows on YouTube

  15. Man I miss this game, loved the track width and layouts. Loved the physics too. The new games just aren’t the same

  16. I remember watching this when i was a little kid. You were my childhood lool

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