Patrick Evans on re-inventing the Dirt Bike Whip, being a “Factory” Stark rider & X Games medals…

If you are a fan of Patrick Evans you are in the middle of watching his break out year as a freerider. After showing out at some whip comps and demo’s, he was invited to X Games and given a chance at Quarter Pipe and followed it up with a spectacular performance at Red Bull Imagination that showed he really was one of the guys. Fast forward to 2024 Pat signed a deal with Stark Future and continued to take over the internet with his insane whips. We caught up as the who Freeride and FMX world is getting ready for X Games and Pat is in with a real shot at gold.




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00:00:00 Intro
00:03:40 Becoming more professional over the past year
00:07:14 Dealing with ego
00:11:16 Next gen ramps
00:13:35 Pats Amateur MX Days
00:18:36 Thunder Valley Track Prep
00:20:38 Playing MX Simulator helps in real life / Memorizing Tracks
00:30:25 Got burnt out racing MX
00:41:45 Becoming Mature
00:48:33 Filming Moto
00:52:38 Working with Ty Evans
01:08:44 Dust till Dawn Movie
01:11:25 Wild filming stories
01:13:58 What if you get get Caught in the Hills?
01:21:46 Riding the Stark Varg
01:25:26 X-Games Quarter Pipe
01:37:07 Starting to take it Serious
01:39:53 Signing with Stark Future
01:48:19 Motosport Ad
01:49:25 Personalities in the 250 Class
01:56:05 Freeride Community is Healthy
01:58:34 Getting in the Freeride Crew
02:04:45 Do Free riders Train??
02:05:38 Justin Hill is a REAL G
02:10:55 Tried to Team Up for Straight Rhythm
02:16:26 Career was nearly over
02:23:23 Red Bull Imagination Experience
02:37:10 Negotiating Deals by myself
02:39:53 Doing the YouTube Vlogs
02:42:24 Passion for Playing Guitar
02:48:10 Outro


  1. It would be awesome to have Colby Raha on here! And or Nick Tomasunas! Love the podcast

  2. what he said about mx simulator is so true

  3. Have you had twitch on yet?
    Need larry linkogle, mike metz, ronnie faisst, can you get all the O.G'S on?
    Mad mike jones etc

  4. 💯% agree with speaking your mind and having authenticity

  5. So glad he's got that support behind him now, such a nice guy and cant wait to see them whips at x games 🤘

  6. Bunch of hateraid going around today I c🤔 joy the club😂🎉

  7. Mannnn, why throw the MX-Bikes slur unprompted?!? hahaha

  8. I got a homie who also swears that mx sim made him better 😂

  9. Loved the pod Can we get Ty masterpool next

  10. Deegan is the same guy huh? Still tweaking to keep in shape?

  11. Ag1 tastes so bad, i call it swamp water. It does work though, its helped immensely with my autoimmune issues

  12. This dude is so sick. Instant fan. What a good down to earth man.

  13. I think the centrifugal being different on the electric bikes…we will see a true 360 soon

  14. Dude that made my day 🤘 thanks Patrick. You’re a sicko! Keep it going man.

  15. Such a chill guy for how gnarly he can ride a dirt bike. I hope he sticks around as it sounds like he switches things up a lot (understandably). At this point in FMX it’s hard to really progress the sport and he’s done it with his gnarly whip and that’s a huge fucking deal.

  16. i still can't get over how pats hair looks like a wig lol

  17. I cant listen to this podcast because the word "like" is way over used and driving my crazy.

  18. Met patrick at day in the dirt down south two years ago and we chopped it up for like an hour and hes the most genuine dude. Remember telling him hes going to blowup soon and he was so humble about it. Well ya made it homie and deserve it!

  19. Evans went HUGE at Bigfoot FMX in Claysprings AZ. Buttery films has some killer footage of the event!!!

  20. The first fmx dude who really starts mastering that 80hp stark is gonna be a mf monster

  21. Patrick evans saying he buddy with dylan huges is sick 😂🤘🏾

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