So happy to have @HailieDeegan1 and @KyleCullen over to play some fun and wild PITBIKE GAMES! This is so much fun but INSANE To edit so LEAVE A LIKE if you want more, and we’ll do it again!

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  1. Hallie: I have thorns in my buttcheaks me:I’ll help you get them out

  2. Just a suggestion, maybe highlight the players head that the viewer is spectating

  3. Famous last words of Halie degeen :there is thorns In my butcheek

  4. Someone should hide in the big tires by the finish line area for the pit bike track.

  5. at the end when braydon was talking to hailey he started blushing lol

  6. Can anyone tell me what someone of these bikes are i’m trying to find some bikes to buy thanks

  7. I would love to see braydon ride in a race car

  8. Braydon and Hailie should get together. Best couple ever.

  9. This was like watching a motocross comedy show! Freaking awesome video!!

  10. I got a dirt bike let me ride with you I am in Louisiana

  11. Do this again with everyone including Julius

  12. Y’all should do julius, Braydon, miller, hailie, and cboys

  13. when he says grab your popcorn i got it and bindge bp for hours

  14. Welcome to another episode of brayden likes hailee

  15. Should use the Nerve guns and rhyme motorcycles

  16. Braden can you fly me out I have my own pit bike me you and Haley and Chase and Miller and and Julius

  17. To ever play a game with them they'd be all over me cuz I would be new and I'd never wrote a pit bike

  18. Hailie is a certified racer nobody can not catch up to get 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Could I get a dirt bike from you I've wanted one since I was 6 please

  20. Hey can you shout my YouTube channel out I am your biggest fan my YouTube channel is Cosmic Anthony

  21. Hay braydon my name is braydon I am seven and I have a CRF 110 and I am your biggest fan

  22. Yo can I fly me out of here play cooops and robers

  23. Y'all the best people in the whole world videos of so funny

  24. I like how Kyle said I see him on the horizon

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