(PS5) MXGP 2021 In FIRST PERSON | Ultra High Realistic Graphics [4K HDR 60 fps]

(PS5) MXGP 2021 In FIRST PERSON | Ultra High Realistic Graphics [4K HDR 60 fps]

MXGP 2021 – The Official Motocross Videogame

ON Board with Tim gajser CRF 450R Gameplay !

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  1. UE 4 looks too muddy and blurry. Move on from that engine please.

  2. Just got this game on PS5 Plus, very impressed but man the YZ 125 sounds like a wipper snipper! How hard is it to make a 2-Stroke sound realistic and good.

  3. graphics do not look realistic at all

  4. МУЛЬТИК КАКОЙ ТО…и это ваша пс 5??…графика отстой

  5. Looks nice! to bad there are no controls like handlebars or smth… never same feeling with controller or keyboard. Can you build your bike?

  6. it only pulls off and go's like 50cc though . boring

  7. Cant take that Game serious after playing MX Bikes and MX Sim

  8. Wat moet ik doen om dit spel zelf te spelen op me amartfonw wat moet ik doen ervoor

  9. Driving in FP is like driving a car with just the front window it’s stupid you can’t see beside you at all imagine driving in FP in real life…. You wouldn’t do it so why do it in a game 😂😂

  10. I think you should get off that Honda and get on a KTM imagine how much faster you'd be lol

  11. I don't know why sound is such a problem but when he's right behind or passing a bike, you can't even hear his bike it's almost mute. I know that track can be loud specially if you in like 8th place..

  12. the physic of this game isn't realistic at all, i prefer poor graphic but realistic phisic of an MX Bikes ( 100% much fun to play )

  13. I have 4 hours played in the playground mode but only about 10 minutes in actual racing 😅 definitely one of the hardest Motocross games I’ve played I can’t stop spinning out every turn ffs lol

  14. 2:55
    Wtf is that shite? If you lost your left hand like that heading up ramp under throttle you'd be off the back of the bike and be lucky not to be catapulted by the bike at the lip as you went off.

  15. Realistic graphics with non realistic physics

  16. Damn bro even looked back at you when you rear ended him. This looks crazy real

  17. How does milestone make this game and screw up everything about Supercross? I don't get it.

  18. Getting there. In 5 years we will have pretty realistic MX games!

  19. looks like 2010. they should invest way more into these games

  20. Wow that is preety good phisics like real😮

  21. Kui nek ngeyel taboki ndase…… Kok iso kui me gko nyetabilke tenaga mesin karo melayang kendaraan prinsip similar gyro

  22. Lha yo nek ngeyel taboki sing ngeyel rausah di ajak debat

  23. Hey people. (We and everything else are created by God, the creator of all things.His son died and revived afterwards to forgive us of every misdeed. His son's name is Jesus)Breathe air

  24. When I played for the first time, I really thought I was going like in real life, and even when I watched your video, I still thought that I was in real life. And so a very cool and most importantly beautiful video turned out.

  25. Is the graphics in the game the same?

    it's so beautiful it even looks like it has a graphic mod

  26. The game honestly looks pretty good. If you just had a PS five will not get on PC though MX bikes is a lot better.

  27. So sony has a flashy new psvr2 and dont show it off in a game like this. What a waste.

  28. I love this game but hate the first person view

  29. I never thought in a million years that having realistic handling and physics on a dirt bike game could create such a steep learning curve. This game is great and god is it satisfying to watch. I really wish I had the patience to get use to the physics in these games and the handling, as I love the racing genre

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