Purple Lamborghini Abandoned in the middle of the Hood of Orlando, FL @kingiceheart762

Orlando police: Deadly Easter shooting stemmed from argument between teen, Lamborghini driver

The Orlando Police Department gave an update Wednesday after three people were killed and two others were hurt at a park on Easter Sunday.

Two of the people killed were shooting at each other, Orlando police said Wednesday.

The shootout happened at Poppy Park in the Carver Shores neighborhood close to 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Dozens of people, including kids, had been at the park for an Easter egg hunt.

Orlando police investigators now say the shooting started when Jamal Watson, 38, drove a purple Lamborghini on the street past the park and got into an argument with a teenager on the sidewalk. Watson and the 17-year-old, Tristan Morgan, allegedly started firing at each other almost simultaneously.

“They approached the driver’s side of the Lamborghini, a quick verbal exchange, and then shots erupted at this point,” Orlando police Sgt. Pete Cadiz said.

Watson and Morgan both died.

Detectives believe the two recognized each other and approached for a reason, but it was unrelated to gang activity. What started the argument is still unclear.

Police say three women across the street who were not involved in the argument were also hit by the gunfire. Patriza Deterville, 33, died, while another woman was left in critical condition.

“Members of our community were sitting on their porch, enjoying an Easter afternoon, when they were caught in gunfire. Another shooting that did not have to happen,” Chief Eric Smith said.

OPD says it had officers at several other egg hunt events in the city on Easter, but the one at Poppy Park was unsanctioned, and they were notified about it ahead of time.

“Unfortunately, any time there’s going to be a congregation of people, you’re going to have some that are there for good purposes and some for nefarious purposes,” Cadiz said. “This time, some arrived there with ill intentions.”

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