We’ve never seen this at an X Games before….

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  1. Scotty's a great commentator. Always on point.

  2. Does anybody know if he got silver at least or something?

  3. Is this the latest x games? Should help r willy with keeping Rwilly land for now

  4. looked a like snowboard/ski trick, dub cork

  5. Just comical he didn’t win. When will they respect this man

  6. should have got the gold pedal honestly,

    1260's will become common before the aussie roll

  7. The only scooter kid you want to see at the skate park lol

  8. Would have won if Varga didn’t stomp a freaking 1260

  9. I want to go to R. Willy land so badly just to practice on that huge airbag…. I bet if a lot of riders had access to something like that, they could do this too.

  10. Should’ve won, hardest trick technically for sure

  11. Lame scooter kid that hucks everything, no bmx roots whatsoever and just thinks he knows everything.

  12. What a legend calling it the Aussie roll.

  13. Should have been a tie for best trick!!!!!

  14. Thank god the judges know the difference between BMX and a circus. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Pretty sure TP 199 did this on a 250cc motorcycle

  16. It's all fun and games to the scooter kid shows up

  17. thought he would have got a bigger reaction from everyone else there tbh. still that was sick af

  18. Does R willy get slighted because he's on fantasy factory? It seems like it to me. Two people congratulated him on doing a double back 360. That's weird

  19. Love hearing Scotty. After his accident he can’t ride but does he ever add to the sport. Good on you and good on that sweet Aussie roll!

  20. This guy isn't human 👽 before I knew his name every clip I seen of his could not be put into words… madman 🔥

  21. The landing was so clean! He should have won. I think he was shafted. The Landing was way to smooth!

  22. Atmosphere is so dead though, what a shame. How things change.

  23. R willy AKA Drac from the film Enemy Mine

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👄 👄 👄👄👄👄

  24. First time I see a BMX backflip: OMFG
    First time I see a BMX double-backflip 360: That was cool, I guess.

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