Rainy Daytona Battle! | Monster Energy Supercross 2

We’re back in Monster Energy Supercross 2 and headed to a rainy Daytona International Speedway for an epic battle and late race comeback! Ready for a blast from the past? Play atomic runner game online and indulge in the timeless charm of this iconic 2D side-scrolling adventure. No need to dust off your old console – relive the magic right in your web browser.
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Video Creator: Ed Soundhead
Editor: Ed Soundhead


  1. I wish I had monster energy supercross 2 on the switch

  2. I can sit and watch your YouTube videos all day long

  3. This isn't even a NASCAR game, and the graphics at Daytona are better than HEAT 3😂

  4. I'll take a Bam Bam Barcia victory any day. Too bad he's still out under concussion protocol. Dude can't catch a break.

  5. I love these videos keep these ones going please

  6. I love when it rains the track just gets worst and worst but in a good way!
    I would love to see a championship in this game. In career you have to level you rider which is no so bad but you have to play career to unlock the compound tracks which I have done!

  7. I thought the sun always shines on Daytona, at least it does on the 500 and the 200 motorbike race. Are you sure you're not playing Dirt Rally 2.0?

  8. i can see you didn't change the physics settings or bump up the ai. 0:53

  9. Have fun at Monster Jam! Should be a great show! Tom Meents will tear it down

  10. get job you should try to make it harder in the settings i guess so u just race nascar heat once aweek

  11. It’s Justin “Barsha” so you said it right the second time

  12. It’s ironic tha5 I was doing the Daytona night xfinity race while I was watching this video

  13. You should do a career mode play through of this game

  14. Almiroli, Almiroli, Give me the bacon Ravioli?

  15. It's pronounced Barsha spelled Barcia

  16. I love your vids I am subbed on all my stuff

  17. Nice video and keep up with the great work and be safe out there.

  18. Dave don’t talk to sound head like that that’s rude

  19. 💋💋💋🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💋💋💋

  20. I have a Yamaha dirt bike to and I’m 7 years old and I’m quite good

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