Ranking EVERY MX VS ATV From WORST TO BEST (Top 7 Games Including Legends!)

Hello everyone and today we are ranking all of the MX VS ATV games from worst to best including Legends! Legends was provided to me by THQ Nordic so major shoutout to them! Enjoy!

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  1. Also I miss the old ps2 games mx vs atv unleashed was so fun u Super Moto hillclimbing all types of different things to do

  2. alive is still my fav game. i got SOO much memories on that track… and it's great physics imo it's better than the newest mx vs atv i feel lik it's more realistic

  3. i've been playing alive for decades. i remember being 6 and 6 and i won in all time with over 40 seconds. that was like common for me

  4. reflex has to be the best one hands down

  5. fort dodge rd 2 on reflex was awesome online with friends who can make the best mx i loved the ktm250sx

  6. He didn't whip once the entire video😂💀💀

  7. As far as the old "simulation rules!, arcade is trash!" argument goes… Without arcade we wouldn't have Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Skyrim, Zelda, Resident Evil, League of Legends, APEX, etc, etc. We would have almost nothing! There are good arcade games, and there are bad arcade games. Just like there are good sims and there are bad sims… Actually when they combine the two, those are some of my favorite games.

  8. The PS2 untamed for me is super fun I love the extra bonus tracks like the scrap yard and the national tracks had some of the best jumps

  9. Sick video, worth mentioning too that Rainbow Studios also made Motocross Madness for the PC in the late 90s/early 2000s. Really clear precursors to what would go on to become the MX Vs ATV series. Would highly recommend Motocross Madness 2

  10. Reflex was of course the GOAT but I happened to really enjoy Supercross as well. There are things lacking in the game but I love the tracks and love the controls. I also love how much harder it is to win in the game. In Reflex a win isn't too hard on an SX track but in Supercross, some of those wins take time. I fantasize about Reflex having the controls of Supercross. What a game that would be! Does anyone happen to know what's available for DLC in MXVATV Supercross? If there are Reflex maps I will cry

  11. No idea why people like Reflex so much still. Maybe back in its time it was great, but I purchased it on steam recently to revisit my past and see if it holds up, but after playing All Out and Legends, I felt Reflex totally sucked, refunded it, and went back to Legends. I'd have to disagree about All Out I actually liked the Physics. How the heck can you say Legends is not simulator at all? You're joking right? Like, seriously. It's more simulator like than all the other titles while still holding some arcade

  12. What about MX2002 feature Ricky Carmichael & MX Unleashed feature Chad reed?

  13. I came to this video looking for what game to get since I played Reflex way back and felt like getting back in and was wondering which games are better than reflex. But I suppose I’ll just get back to reflex then! Great video btw, very descriptive and great commentary overall

  14. Untamed on the ps3/360 is by far the best. So many hours in free ride on that one. Did you play this on a DS in this review? bc that’s not even close to what it looked like on 360.

  15. my list is last place legends, then all out, supercross, alive, untamed for ps3, unleashed, (mx bikes), (mx simulator), and best is reflex, i know the simulators dont really count but still, i will also note i didnt get to play legends that much yet because i havent had much time yet, but as of now i hate its guts

  16. My fav was untamed had good memories with the ps3 with playing with my brothers on split screen and had a great time

  17. The fact that he reviewed Untamed based on the PS2 version… 😤

  18. Does anyone notice how more and more vehicles kept on being removed on every single MX Vs ATV Game since Untamed?

  19. Untamed on 360 is better then reflex in my opinion it's wayyy different then ps2

  20. Up your bitrate if you get a chance! These videos were really grainy. Good list though.

  21. Mx unleashed has the goat arcade dirt bike physics

  22. The PS2 version of Untamed is NOTHING like Untamed on the Xbox 360/PS3. The 360/PS3 version of Untamed is the best MX vs ATV ever released. It has a billion times more content than any other MX vs ATV, and all of it is fun

  23. All out is by far the worst I’ve played. I played a lot of Alive and untamed as a kid but all outs controls are so bad I can’t hardly turn without overturning or crashing after a weird tight doughnut

  24. I remember playing the shit out of MX Unleashed as a kid, so I adore that game, then I later played Reflex as my next 'main' game in the series. My next game to try will definitely be MX vs ATV Unleashed, but Reflex really is unmatched.

  25. last night i dropped $30 dollars on this game. i bought legends and sent it back. reflex is king for sure

  26. You are forgetting were this all started. Motocross MAdness 1 and 2 started this all back in the 90's not 2000 rainbow studios did those first and both games pathed the way for what we have today.

  27. Bro you don’t call them “motos” they’re called Dirtbikes. Also do u actually ride Dirtbikes bc if you don’t then how would you know if the physics are realistic or not

  28. Mx Vs Atv Unleashed was my childhood, its the best for me, but Reflex is so damn good too

  29. I’ve been waiting for so long for another reflex experience. Why can’t they do it?

  30. Still playing reflex today 3rd disc ive bought over the years wearing them out

  31. For untamed you need to play the xbox360 version. The entire game is 1000 times different from the ps2 one. I've never played a Mx vs ATV game more in my life. I actually completed the entire game and enjoyed every second!

  32. I think mx vs atv alive was the best. I actually liked it much better than reflex. Everything after alive has sucked. Today's new mx games are so pathetic for 2023. They had it right 10 years ago….

  33. You mean people have actually played and liked these games since the original Xbox days ? Yeesh hope for humanity lost

  34. I do have all the off-road fury’s for my ps2 and it is always fun battleing my family to races

  35. God, I loved Unleashed. It's the only one in the series that I've played.
    I remember not really playing the single player all that much, but multiplayer? I and my cousin would play it for hours. We made our own game modes with our own rules. It gave me some amazing memories.

  36. My rank

    1.untamed 360/ps3
    4.untamed ps2 v

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