Ranking EVERY MX VS ATV From WORST TO BEST (Top 7 Games Including Legends!)

Hello everyone and today we are ranking all of the MX VS ATV games from worst to best including Legends! Legends was provided to me by THQ Nordic so major shoutout to them! Enjoy!

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  1. ATV Offroad Fury Pro for PSP is worth checking out. It has all vehicles not just motorcycles, with tons of content and you can upgrade your vehicles. My favorite atv game is atv offroad fury 2. It is king.

  2. Untamed looks way different on your computer than it did on ps3. It looks crummy on computer in comparison!

  3. Am I the only one who remembers planes and helicopters in unleashed?

  4. I grew up playing Supercross on my PlayStation 4 after around eight years of playing it I checked the hours and I had well over 10,000 great game highly recommendLots of memories

  5. "actually really good!" You say this phrase way too much and it makes you sound like someone who hates video games but is surprised, after trying them, that they are actually fun.

  6. I really wanted to understand why so many people love mx vs atv reflex. I had the physical media of the game for ps3, I played a lot and I have just the opposite experience.First, the pros:*the degradation of the dirt and sand is very good and realistic*We got a lot of different racing modes and variety*The reflex mode was a good refresh to the franchise and for the good of the physics.BUUUT, The Problems:* I thought the mx bike brand variety very poor, we have just a few types with different cc*GOD, THE PHYSICS… I don't understand why they do compliments about the physics, I swear, I only felt that the vehicle physics were good only for 250cc bikes. After unlocking the 450cc the physics just went nuts, every little rock and bump makes the vehicles fly like they're made of plastic! The bikes are a little less worse but the atvs, utvs and trucks are completely shit to control, every little change on the ground makes they fucking roll and fly. I really don't see where the physics do work in this game.* The soundtrack for me it's the worse of all mx vs atv saga. It's generic, it's repetitive, annoying and forgettable.Thats my vision of the game, I kinda agree with the fact that this game have a lot of things to do. But I think it had lesser content than the previous games, graphics could be more beautiful and the main thing: If the physics of this game were more grounded it could be the perfect game. But it wasn't. Not for me.

  7. Hey man, I like the soundtrack in MX Vs ATV Untamed as well

  8. As someone thats ridden sport quads my entire life, legends has dog shit physics. It's obnoxious. Monster supercross 1 and 2 nailed physics for bikes and I wish they'd do a GNCC quad game. But unfortunately the sport quad practically died 10 years ago and yamaha is the only one keeping them going

  9. I didn’t enjoy alive or supercross encore all that much. My favorites are mx vs atv unleashed and untamed on ps2.

  10. i used to play untamed on my xbox 360 when i was little

  11. I agree with everything you said about alive yes dlc kinda killed the aspect of the game but the soundtrack i still listen too till this day! I wouldnt say its the best but definitely not mid

  12. for real, Alive was just so damn fun. what a game. shame you cant realistically play it on PC

  13. Not sure if the one I played on Xbox classic was Mc unleashed or mx superfly

  14. Untamed was a complete game when supercross came out it was supercross only no moto no fmx it should've released with alive combining those for a more complete game, untamed should be at least one higher

  15. Sorry but putting alive at 7 is just a disgrace

  16. Untamed sound track is soooo good its got mxpx m chemical romance pennywise red jump suit apparatus soo good

  17. the music in this. i miss the spongebob movie game music.

  18. I grew up with untamed ps3 and it’s going to be my favorite racing game because I grew up with it

  19. What is the best atv games that is closest to the off road series like gameplay

  20. as a non gamer and somebody that doesn't keep up with new game systems and games. i really enjoyed unleashed when i was a kid. i used to race atvs so when this game came out it had actual real pro atv racers and actual atvs that were identical to what pros raced. i think that carried a lot of charm for me. to be able to race your hero's with there atv was sweet.

  21. Mx vs atv untamed is a little better now since there was an update for it a couple years agoEdit: we’ll my game is from the xbox so it might be different than the PlayStation

  22. Thanks a lot for the ranking, very usefull for us motocross fans when thinking of aquiring a new game. This is a great saga and is prety awesome they keep making games. I remember having great times playing to both of these many years before. And now thinking on aquiring a new one.

  23. You putting Alive at number 7 and saying a main reason was because “anything good was locked behind a paywall. They should release a finished game” just tells me you were too young to really remember the game and that time.. All new games that released were $60, and they released this for $40. So stop talking about it like its a $60 game. Even with the lack of the content, Alive it top 2 with Reflex.

  24. For me MTX Mototrax is the best handling and funnest game

  25. Thankyou Rainbow studios for putting in so much love in my childhood games

  26. The unleashed soundtrack was so good i can remember that over any other gaming moment from my childhood i still listen to some songs on it

  27. mx vs atv legends is a horrible game there are so many dlcs

  28. Idk what gameplay you showed for Untamed but that is not the same 10/10 untamed I played my whole childhood 😂

  29. Untamed is the master. Have the Wii port and it’s a gem

  30. My favorite mx vs atv is alive i play it on my xbox one s it is the 360 version and i love it but i cant save my progress

  31. Reflex on the ps3 took over my life in high school. To this day I am looking for another game to scratch that it's. Supercross E. Is sick but I think I'll pick up Legends for my peepee5th. Thanks for the comparison video!!

  32. no, rainbow studios started with Motorcross madness back in like 1998. pfft, console kids

  33. I remember playing ATV off-road fury, and I just picked up mx vs atv alive for $3.50 on ps3.

  34. cant wrap my head around legends, the game straight up sucks

  35. Am I tripping or did a sonic adventure soundtrack play in tbe background lol

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