Remy Morton: Real MTB 2024 | X Games

Watch Remy Morton and filmer/editor Scott Robb’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2024, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by the X Games. For the first time, athletes will be present for a watch-along on X Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels on June 27 where the winner will be announced. The fan favorite will be announced June 30 during the XGames Ventura broadcast. The full X Games Real MTB show will air on ESPN July 23.

Music: “Handstands” by Sofia Machray

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  1. spirit of mtb this takes the cake, maybe not progression, but it's a beautiful edit.

  2. That was freaking beautiful, that's how a bike should be ridden

  3. 👏 So smooth, so clean and so stylish! The riding was sick and the builds (jumps/courses) were works of art.

  4. I don‘t know whats better, the riding or the building

  5. never get bored of watching this dude ride. Effortless style.

  6. This is the one. The storytelling, the feel, the effortless riding. Of all the videos this year, this is the one that makes me want to get on my bike and ride the most. Great job Remy and team!

  7. Big shoutouts to the builders. Track looks incredible🤩

  8. Always Chainless mate? 👌🏻🤘🏻🩷

  9. This video makes me want to go ride my bike more than the others. It’s got my vote

  10. 😮‍💨👌 your favourite riders favourite rider. Absolutely excellent quality riding 🙌

  11. Without a doubt the least likely to win. Filming style wasted so much time

  12. that trail is a masterpiece of craftmanship. and remy rode it with amazing style!

  13. No chain is crazy!! Such flowy riding

  14. the man, the myth, the Morton. The definition of style from the riding to trails to film!

  15. Amazing visual direction but with having only 90 seconds I wouldn’t have added the b roll footage

  16. Beautiful work! Course, riding and the camera work! Love colors as well, great post work!!!

  17. Best style and editing/story in the series!

  18. Beautiful! Just absolutely all around beautiful edit!

  19. This is for me my favorite, maybe it doesn't have the craziest sends but the directing and the editing really makes it a vibe !

  20. Digging and riding mega on so many levels

  21. Beautiful builds and such clean, natural style. The vibes are chill and the sends are smooth. My favorite of the roundup this year!

  22. Holy … These Trailbuilders here are from another world. Beautiful! Awesome riding too 🤩

  23. Красивая съёмка, стильные вкатывания

  24. 🤯I really need to see the story behind of building the trail! It’s over the art it’s magic

  25. Dylan Stark might get first place because he killed it on the riding aspect but I’d dare to give this #1 because of how enjoyable the cinematography was paired with the smooth riding

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