Ride A Dirt Bike And Race Motocross In VR On The Oculus Quest 2!

Today on BMF VR we are riding a dirt bike in VR on the Oculus Quest 2 in MotoX. Check out one of, if not the only, Oculus Quest 2 dirt bike games on AppLab here –

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  1. This game definitely isn't perfect, the visuals are simple, and the mechanics could be better, but I had a blast riding in the game. Sorry for those of you who don't like it but I happened across it yesterday and had some stupid plain fun. For $7.99 it's not bad. It's not great either but it's not bad. Sometimes just having fun with something stupid is what I want to do and I wanted to share that. From time to time I do sponsored videos but 90% of the time I just play the games I want or enjoy. If this isn't for you then cool, but I personally like it.

  2. how to play this games? need to control using motion controller or thumbstick? did you pull the throttle?

  3. how to play this games? need to control using motion controller or thumbstick? did you pull the throttle?

  4. Man how crap are the graphics ps1 was better

  5. Mx bikes is a motocross simulator that can be played in steam or oculus vr modes as well

  6. Do you think actual motorcycles will be banned because of injuries and the govt is either subsidizing medical bills or paying in full. I feel likeke they will say there is no reason for motorcycles when people can ride virtually and not be incurring heath care costs for the govt.

  7. I desperately am looking for a cockpit racer that looks better then the ones provided in the store .Virtual Motorsports is the only one i uploaded they removed it from side quest .. I think hands down looks better then any of the paid games on there but the handling is worse then the GTA with Nico Bellic version.Im confused why some of these games are so immersive and have wonderful graphics but the racing games seem really limited. Maybe I’m putting the wrong searches in all i see are crashland,mini motor and death lap , which is a fun idea but ..still no basic racing with different tracks ,nice locations ,and more realistic interior views.I loved Mario Kart as a kid but jeez seems like using a gaming pc to play pong.

  8. Biking the really realize you do need help me and you don't need that you don't need care but you do need help that's all you need you need to be good at it

  9. Motorcycle game should have the option to break with the triggers, front right and back left trigger, and throttle should be moving your wrist like u would in RL, that would be awesome i think.

  10. If you have a pc, don’t buy this, buy mx bikes and hook it it up to your oculus, it’s so much better

  11. That looks so boring I was expecting like a real looking motor cross game

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