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  1. except the 2 strokes sound like crap…

  2. Lynds, theres another update, and there is now endurocross right in front of the spawn. check it out!

  3. Roblox sheesh. Love the content keep up the good work 🔥🔥

  4. bro I shred this daily, hit me up if you need a partner for any more videos on roblox, you can find me under the user Rebel in your discord server. 🤣

  5. I like how a free game can look better that a 60$ game

  6. should look at the dirtbikes in fortnite now that Creative 2.0 is out

  7. I bought max vs atv legends on sale and am enjoying more than I thought I would.

  8. You and jev are the only people I watch consistently lol tripped me out when you mentioned him

  9. Respectfully I disagree about Roblox Frontlines. I can't say it graphicly looks better then the most recent COD, however gameplay wise it seems way better. Love the video Lynds hope you have a great day. Same for everyone that reads this have a great day or night.

  10. What dev did you talk to? Kxsprite is really nice if it was him

  11. Love everytime you compare it to monster energy sx6🤣🤣

  12. So cool to see you playing it, I've used to play it a lot hopped on the other day after playing mxb, I think there's a total of 8 or 9 tracks on the map, you just have to follow the road around

  13. yes they are boyfriend and girlfriend I know them 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  14. Lynds when you get on the bike press M so that you can change transmission and then press T to wheelie❤ no problem and your welcome

  15. Lynds, would love if you tried my off-road game on roblox!

  16. COULD SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THE OEM BIKE PACK??? When you download the pack which I have, does it create and go to a folder named mods??? AND where do I extract it to??????

  17. go to the dugout and ride that track on boot lake

  18. To change the depth of field you need to turn your graphics settings from automatic to manual then change it to a lower setting

  19. and the part where hes like "my d!ck fell off" i was not expecting that

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